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How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes in B2B Content Marketing

Here are 5 other mistakes B2B content marketers often make. Read on if you want some pointers on how to avoid these bloopers!

1. Curating content in areas you don’t care about. 

If you’re in marketing, why curate content in music or some other unrelated field? You’re certainly not establishing your expertise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most outlandish Tweeter or the most prolific blogger: an important way to grow your thought leadership can be through adding your perspective to someone else’s content. Readers will appreciate having an expert comment on other articles, helping them determine the value of popular ideas. Businesspeople will appreciate your thoughtfulness and expertise. They will remember that they learned from you and that you didn’t waste their time.

2. Forgetting to use backlinks.

Content marketing is all about engagement. What makes the web so perfect for that is that you can — and should — include links to related content in your posts. That way you’ll be able to alert relevant content marketers about your content. They in turn will start linking to your posts and before you know it you will have a conversation going within your content.

3. Link Back to Your Own Site

This part is crucial. Not only do you have to attract your potential clients with a message, but you also need to give them a medium they can use to respond. Your best content should call potential clients to action, but you also have to provide a way for them to act! Link back to your site, which will provide readers with more content as well as ways to respond (also be sure to have accessible contact information, query forms, etc.). Remember that social media is a cycle:  you broadcast your original content to a larger audience with the aim of inspiring them to return to the source – your website!

4. Forgetting to promote your content.

Don’t think your job ends with writing and incorporating the right keywords in your site. You want to promote your content in social media and all your marketing materials. Include a catchy headline and link to it in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn or whatever your social media channel of choices are. Include a link to your blog in your email signature, on your business card and in your marketing collateral.
Time and clarity are of the essence in the realm of social media. Focus on the key benefit in your content, and cite that with a link that will take readers to a more elaborate release and a call to action. Make sure you are targeting the right audience for your message, and even tailor several different releases for different outlets. You want to appear competent and informative to as many different groups as possible, so tailor your message to match their needs.

5. Neglecting to build a social network.

Whether its through blog subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook friend, or LinkedIn Connections, cultivating a community is almost as important as cultivating your message in B2B Public Relations. And even on the web, the principles of maintaining relationships stay the same – it takes time to make meaningful connections. In addition to updating your own content frequently, be sure to respond to commenters, read and respond to what those in your network are up to, and send messages to them when appropriate. They will remember that you cared and demonstrated interest in their objectives, which sometimes is more important than being the top expert in your field or the most visible on social media.

 And here’s a bonus idea!

6. Stay Open to New Ideas
Don’t fear tech updates or new social media platforms. Nothing stays the same forever! Just look at how radio and television have been affected by the digital age. Stay fresh, and keep thinking of how new developments can help promote your message.

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