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How To Add Resume To LinkedIn?

How To Add Resume To LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking site, as well as one of the most popular job search engines. Given the breadth of the possible candidate pool and LinkedIn's extensive filter capabilities, many businesses advertise positions on LinkedIn and prefer the network over other prominent job boards.

Keith Peterson
Last updated: Oct 09, 2021 | Oct 07, 2021

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LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking site, as well as one of the most popular job search engines. Given the breadth of the possible candidate pool and LinkedIn's extensive filter capabilities, many businesses advertise positions on LinkedIn and prefer the network over other prominent job boards.

While your LinkedIn profile and CV have certain similarities, they are not the same thing. Your LinkedIn profile should highlight your extensive work experience as well as your relationships to individuals, companies, and interest groups. Your CV should be a customized document with a specific career objective.

According to ZipJob's team of career advisors, professional resume writers, and seasoned LinkedIn profile writers, intelligent job searchers should use a resume as well as LinkedIn to supplement their job applications. 

Because your LinkedIn profile and resume are not the same thing, you may wish to submit your resume to your LinkedIn profile.

In this post, we'll guide you through four different methods for uploading your resume to LinkedIn.

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4 Options To Upload Your Resume In LinkedIn 

Although LinkedIn can provide a more detailed version of your job history, your resume should still be personalized to your professional objectives. 

While a keyword-optimized profile might help a recruiter or hiring manager locate you on LinkedIn, most hiring managers prefer to review your CV before inviting you in for an interview.

LinkedIn used to have a summary part that allowed résumé uploads, followed by an About section. The About section is still present, but it no longer accepts further material. 

The most recent option for presenting your resume on LinkedIn is to put it to the new Featured area of your profile.

In 2021, here's how you post your résumé to LinkedIn.

Include A Link To Your Cv On Your LinkedIn Profile

This is most likely what you're looking for. Your résumé will be available as a separate PDF on your LinkedIn page. Depending on your privacy settings, anybody with a LinkedIn account may be able to read and download your resume.

On that topic, keep in mind that resumes often include information that your LinkedIn does not. Consider creating a customized version of your resume that excludes information about yourself or your job history that you do not want to make public. To put it another way, you may leave out a lot of your contact information.

  • Navigate to your profile. Scroll down to your Featured area, which is right beneath your About section, and click the plus symbol.

  • This area can be filled with posts, articles, links, and media. Select "Media" from the popup menu to upload your resume as a.doc or PDF. Find the most recent version of your resume in Word format.

  • Save the file. Your résumé is now visible on your LinkedIn profile as a highlighted post.

Add Your Resume To LinkedIn To Be Considered For Easy Apply Applications

You may store numerous resumes on LinkedIn in addition to submitting your resume to your profile to easily attach your resume when you apply for a job. This is important if you want to mention various career or keyword objectives on your resume.

Even if some positions do not require a resume, we recommend that you apply for jobs using both your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Here's how to save several copies of your LinkedIn resume:

  • In the navigation bar, click the Jobs tab.

  • Look for a position that offers the LinkedIn Easy Apply option and apply for it.

  • Please include your resume with your application. LinkedIn will store the most recent five resumes you've posted, as well as the date you last utilized each version.

To maintain track of each one, utilize variations in the file name of your resume: Allen.Smith.Accountant.doc and Allen.Smith.Senior.Accountant.doc.

When applying to many comparable opportunities, you may now easily submit a tailored resume.

Related: Using this approach, you can also download your resume from the LinkedIn app to your phone for on-the-go job applications. To modify your abilities and qualifications for each job application, use Google Docs or comparable software.

Post Your Resume On LinkedIn

In 2021, many people have chosen to publish their resumes with their LinkedIn networks, which may be a useful method to solicit comments. It also assists to notify your contacts that you are looking for a new employment.

Here's how to share your CV as a LinkedIn post:

  • Begin a new post using your feed.

  • Select "share a document." This is the fourth and last icon in the "Create a post" box. It has the appearance of a piece of paper with the bottom corner folded over. (Other choices include a plus sign, an image, or a video icon.)

  • Select your resume file. You should include your name in the file name, like you did in the preceding selections. Other individuals will be able to download the material as a PDF.

Fill Up Your LinkedIn Profile With Your Resume

Finally, you may utilize LinkedIn as a stand-alone component of your job search. You don't need to post your résumé if you have all of the necessary information on LinkedIn!

Many of the areas on LinkedIn are the same as those on your resume: a summary, work experience, skills, education, certifications, and volunteer experience. If your LinkedIn profile is complete, you do not need to post your résumé.

However, you should still utilize a resume while applying for jobs.

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Should You Upload Your CV To Linkedin?

While there are a lot of successful methods to put your CV on your LinkedIn page, it is not always standard practice. As you think about how to put your CV on your LinkedIn page, consider if you should do it at all.

Here are some of the reasons why submitting your CV on LinkedIn may work against you.

  • Confidential information is made public. There are some things on a CV that you may not want to publish in public. Personal information such as your location, phone number, email address, and personal history are suddenly made public. Details you provide about past employment have the same potential for harm. If your CV contains sensitive financial or operational information, your failure to preserve confidentiality risks alienating recruiters. Previous employers in your network are similarly likely to be dissatisfied. If you do decide to upload your CV, make sure you go over it carefully and delete any sensitive information.

  • Everyone will know you're looking for work. Unless they are already jobless, most individuals prefer to remain quiet about their job hunt. You're announcing your ambitions to the world by publishing an up-to-date CV online. A good LinkedIn profile is expected of people who take their careers seriously, but a well-crafted and up-to-date CV says much more! It denotes a shift from just being open to new chances to actively seeking your next position.

  • You pass up an opportunity to put your best foot forward. Every CV should be tailored especially to the post you're looking for, demonstrating how your abilities and expertise fit with the position's unique criteria. By submitting a boilerplate CV on LinkedIn, you are foregoing the opportunity to offer the best version of yourself to each employer. It's preferable to entice them with a high-level summary on your LinkedIn profile and then follow up with a more thorough (and customized) CV.

  • You've lost control. When you post your CV to LinkedIn, anybody may read and download it. Some people will be more at ease with this than others! You also miss the opportunity to update it with recent changes before a recruiter sees it, and with everything laid out in front of them, it's just one more reason for them to dismiss you without even contacting you for more information. Again, your CV should be intended to be shareable and to get the attention of recruiters, so if you're willing to give up that degree of control, this may not be an issue for you.

  • Recruiters will not find you just on the basis of your CV. Recruiters use LinkedIn to find applicants for available positions by scanning profiles for skills that match their requirements. If you opt to submit your CV instead of filling out your profile completely, your chances of getting found are drastically reduced. LinkedIn search algorithms are skewed toward job titles, experience, and location as specified in your profile; uploaded media is not considered. As a result, a CV upload is not a replacement for a well-written LinkedIn profile.

  • It's unnecessary. Uploading your CV will just duplicate information if you already have a well-constructed LinkedIn page. Why would recruiters want to sift through the same material on your CV if your profile already has important information that makes them want to learn more about you? What more will it add, other than the already specified private information? If you apply for a job via LinkedIn, the recruiter will already have a copy of your profile.

Making The Choice

Although there are apparent parallels, your CV and LinkedIn profile are distinct mediums for different purposes and include somewhat different information. It is entirely up to you whether or not to submit your CV to your LinkedIn profile, however we recommend that you consider the reasons above before pressing the upload button.

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Having Trouble Uploading Your Resume To LinkedIn?

If you're still having problems submitting your resume to LinkedIn, it's possible that you're using the incorrect file format. PDF,.doc, and.docx files are all supported.

It's also conceivable that you're using an outdated way to add a résumé to your profile's "About" section, which no longer works.

Whatever method you choose to connect a CV to LinkedIn, keep in mind that a strong resume will help you find a job on the network.

Your résumé and LinkedIn profile, when combined, are potent tools. Now that you know how to submit a resume to LinkedIn, you may improve it by using a free resume template. 

Also, if you haven't updated your LinkedIn summary in a while, do so to impress potential employers and recruiters that check your page.

How Do I Delete My Resume From LinkedIn?

It's just as simple to remove your resume from LinkedIn as it is to post it in the first place. On your profile page, go down to the highlighted area. To modify, click the pencil icon. Then press the "Delete" button. This approach works whether your content is submitted as a file or as a URL.

How Do I Update My Resume On LinkedIn?

Scroll down to the highlighted area on your profile page to edit your résumé. To modify, click the pencil icon. Click "Edit" to change your title and description, or "Delete" to remove your current resume and submit a new one.

Why Is My Resume Blurry On LinkedIn?

Due to picture quality or compression difficulties, resumes posted as PDFs to LinkedIn may seem fuzzy at times. However, you may frequently get around this problem by putting your CV on another website. Upload your PDF to your own website, then go to the featured area and replace the document with the URL. 

Does LinkedIn Have Resume Templates? 

You may use LinkedIn Resume Builder to help you create a professional resume that will catch the attention of Recruiters and Hiring Managers. It may assist you in rapidly creating a resume by utilizing current data on your profile, which can then be downloaded as a PDF. Choose Build a resume from the dropdown menu.

Should You Edit Your LinkedIn URL? 

Customizing your public profile URL makes it simpler for others to discover you. It's a simple and easy method to set yourself apart from the other LinkedIn users out there. This is especially essential for those with common names. This increases your trustworthiness.

Linkedin logo boxes

How Do I List Freelance Work On LinkedIn?

You may showcase your freelancing job on your LinkedIn profile in a variety of ways:

  • Include your title in the headline (e.g., "Independent Consultant").

  • In your summary area, provide descriptions of your job experience.

  • Include contractor positions in your experience area. To do so, go to the experience section's top and click the "Add" icon, then fill out the appropriate forms. 8

  • Upload links or documents to your highlighted area to display work samples.

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