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How A Blog Can Increase Traffic To Your Website

A Blog is an opportunity to put your personality on paper. To write without review. To express without hesitation and communicate without caution. And did we mention make money?

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Dec 26, 202256 Shares1.5K Views
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  1. The Birth of Blogging
  2. Benefits of Blogging
  3. How to Increase Website Traffic by Blogging
  4. Your Blog Topic and Niche
  5. Blog Structure and Style
  6. Target Audience - Who Do You Want to Reach?
  7. Purpose - What Do You Want to Achieve?
  8. Final Thoughts

A Blog is an opportunity to put your personality on paper. To write without review. To express without hesitation and communicate without caution. And did we mention make money?

Feeling excited about an opportunity? Blog about it.

Found a product you love? Blog about it.

Discovered your new favourite restaurant? Blog about it.

Love this article? Of course you can blog about it!

If you are blogging and want to increase traffic to your website, read morehere!

The Birth of Blogging

The term ‘blogging’first surfaced in 1997, long before the days of social mediaand online interactions. The news was only on television, and articles were in magazines. The opportunity to write and post your thoughts online, was non-existent.

Luckily we have come a long way since then and blogging has evolved into more than just opinions, informative articles and advice. Blogging is a powerful tool to develop a following of loyal readers, and to use it as a platform for affiliate marketing.

By simply including a reference to a product, with a link for your readers to click on and divert them to that product site, you can generate revenue and earn some extra cash.

Best of all, anyone can blog, and no professional skills or qualifications are needed!

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is the perfect opportunity to market your businessor website. Many businesses have adopted it as an SEO strategy, as it has proven to be exceptionally successfull as a tool.

Blogging benefits include:

  • Increased search rankings for your business
  • Generate traffic to your site
  • Establish potential client leads

Connect with online communityon topics and interests in common

So, let's look at some ideas of what to keep in mind, to draw in the crowd and increase the traffic to your website.

How to Increase Website Traffic by Blogging

Creative contentwill increase your blog ‘popularity’. Unlike having to be the cool kid in school, online popularity is determined by SEOstrategy.

By using the right strategy to increase your visibility and reach the eyes of your target audience, your number of visitors, article views and conversion rates will skyrocket.

In creating quality crafted writing pieces, every part of your contentplays a role in your rankings.

In creating content, consider these aspects:

Your Blog Topic and Niche

Your niche will determine the type of reader you attract.

Choosing a niche doesnt guarantee success in the affiliate marketing world, but the way you blog about a topic, could influence your rating success.

To get accross the best version of your writing in content, stay in your comfort zone. Write about your interests, passions and topics you have knowledge of.

Your description and experiences have to bounce off the page and intrigue the readers to want more. But when you are trying to articulate a topic you arent familiar with, this will come across to the reader, and they’ll lose interest.

Having a niche will also help you partner with the right affiliates, to use your blog for affiliate marketing to make the moola.

Blog Structure and Style

Your blog layout has to compliment the topic you are describing.

Formulate a framework for your blog content, to make your words flow.

Have an introduction (beginning), a detailed description (the middle) and a conclusion (the end).

Target Audience - Who Do You Want to Reach?

Your niche and content topics will naturally influence the readers you reach. If you are writing about techor gaming, your target audience will be drastically different to when your content is focussed on wellness, for example.

Creating content to drive traffic and increase SEOrankings, means always thinking about your audience.

Do keyword research to see which terms will draw your readers in. Which words in your blog are likely to form part of an online search query, and use them where relevant.

Adapt the tone of your blog content to align with the verbage of your target audience. If you are targetting the younger demographic, with gaming for example, keep your content tone casual, enticing and relevant.

Purpose - What Do You Want to Achieve?

Communicate your intentions. If you are promoting a product or writing a recommendation, get that accross in the shortest, simplest terms.

Ensure your readers are informed and benefitted from reading your blog, with every post you make.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is a great platform for affiliate marketing as an SEOstrategy.

Your blog content can increase the number of visitors to your site if you carefully curate the best quality content out there.

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