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Embargoed Press Relese: What Is It?


An embargoed release is a media release or statement that is distributed to the media ahead of its scheduled publication date. Unlike 'off the record' material, which is never meant to be released at all, embargoed information is meant to be published. However, it is only intended to be released at the time specified by the release distributor. 

The release provides sensitive material to the journalist, but with the expectation that it would be kept confidential until the indicated publishing date. This date is plainly noted at the beginning of the release.

The aspect of confidence is critical to embargoes. By sending out your release with an embargoed release date, you are putting a lot of faith in the media to honor your desires. However, by doing so, you may assist to build a deeper connection and win the journalist's respect, and more often than not, they will adhere to your embargoed date.

Pros And Cons Of Embargoed Press Release
Pros And Cons Of Embargoed Press Release

Pros And Cons Of Embargoed Press Release

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  • The media has more time to study and examine a story.
  • It aids in synchronizing publicity.
  • Prevents the public from learning about time-sensitive facts.


  • Information may be leaked.
  • The story might be released ahead of its publishing date by media outlets.
  • Relationships with media outlets may be strained.
How To Manage An Embargoed Press Release
How To Manage An Embargoed Press Release

How To Manage An Embargoed Press Release

Put It In Writing

If a journalist or media outlet sends a vague answer through email or orally agrees to your embargo restrictions, don't assume they accept them. Media outlets may refuse to accept your requirements or even erase the email conversation. Instead, request a simple yes or no response and make this communication legally enforceable through a formal agreement.

It's worth noting that this step is entirely optional. Finally, media outlets are not required by law to follow your agreement. While it may result in a negative reputation, journalists may nonetheless violate the agreement. This, however, is a fantastic method to build trust.

Introduce The Embargo

Inform the journalist that you have crucial news to share if they agree to your embargo before sending the embargoed press release. In this situation, simply supply a teaser or a portion of the narrative that is already known to the public, and don't provide the publishing date unless a customer expressly requests it.

An exclusive should not be confused with an embargoed press release. An exclusive is similar to a leak in that it is often delivered to one or two reporters who will instantly cover the news. Make it clear that the material given is part of an embargoed press release and that media outlet are not permitted to distribute it.

Avoid Sending The Press Release Too Early

Dates are frequently liable to change when a major announcement is made. Before issuing a press release, be sure the release date is fixed in stone. When you issue an embargoed press release too soon, you leave room for leaks. Journalists, for example, may seek competitors for quotations while they investigate and create their stories. This implies that the information will be shared with third parties, who may leak the news ahead of time.

Send a press release with an embargo at least two to five days before the formal announcement. This gives media outlets ample time to develop their article and get it published. Keep in mind that just because a journalist agrees to cover your story does not ensure it will appear on their print calendar. Depending on the quality of the news, a media source may only report the story once it has been released officially.

Include Supportive Content

The sole difference between an embargoed press release and a regular press release is the publication date. This implies that you must adhere to the criteria for writing a press release. In most circumstances, a press release or media advisory is accompanied by a backgrounder that contains extra information about the company, announcement, goods, or services.

When issuing an embargoed press release, it's a good idea to include a backgrounder, especially if the announcement involves a new product or a change in leadership. Journalists may then build their stories around the information given by your company rather than information acquired from third sources. As a result, there is less room for leakage.

Create A Plan For Dealing With Leaked Information

If one newspaper breaches the embargo, all media outlets are likely to follow suit in an attempt to get ahead of the story. As a result, firms must be prepared to cope with the aftermath, which may necessitate a shift in the official release date.

Provide extra information to media outlets that complied with the embargo. This might include exclusive images and videos, access to company leaders and figures, or expert interviews. This enables media providers to create content that stands out from the crowd.

Send an urgent press release informing media outlets of the infraction. Some news organizations may believe that the material was handed to other newspapers for quick distribution while they were advised to wait. This might strain relationships even more and cause the trust to be broken. In this instance, we advise sending a statement stating that your company did not allow the early release.

Be Choosy

Businesses are recommended to use caution when dealing with embargoes, since they can strain relationships with media outlets and freelance reporters. While a press release normally covers the essentials, be wary about exposing everything all at once. Instead, tell a portion of the tale first. This gives you time to see how your media contact handles the material.

Avoid distributing your press release to a large number of media channels. The more media outlets you send your press release to, the more likely it is that your information will be disseminated. We recommend distributing it to no more than five reputable media sources.

Use A Press Release Distribution Service

Many press release distribution businesses offer media monitoring or news clipping services, which assist consumers in monitoring all types of media, including conventional and internet media. This is an excellent method for dealing with infractions or the propagation of incorrect information. Users will get an email warning informing them of potential embargo violations, giving companies enough time to act quickly and stay ahead of the leak.

Embargoed press release
Embargoed press release

What Does Embargoed Release Mean?

This refers to a news release that is not ready for immediate distribution. When a company is about to make a significant announcement, such as a merger or the opening of a new store, it will send an embargoed press release. The press release will specify that the information is "Not For Immediate Release" and will provide an official publishing date after this title.

How Do You Write An Embargoed Press Release?

An embargoed news release is written in the same manner as any other press release. The only variation is the date of release. You must write "Not For Immediate Release" above the headline, followed by a publication date. You may use our free embargoed press release template or our step-by-step instruction on how to draft a news release.

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