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How To Do Market Analysis Research For An E-Commerce Business


Since there are now over two billion digital consumers globally, e-Commerce has grown significantly and is now a significant sector of the international economy.

Additionally, it signifies that competition in online trade is growing.

It is very difficult to continue to be successful and profitable when market giants like Amazon rule the market, well-known retailers like Walmart enter the fray.

Unless you start relying on the one edge you have over your competitors: data.

Although it might be difficult and time-consuming to set up an effective eCommerce analytics system, doing so is a crucial step in the growth of any successful online business.

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You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed by the volume of data being supplied by the platforms you are using.

Putting these huge amounts of different data into a coherent reporting structure that will give you the right insights and let you make the right decisions is a difficult task.

E-commerce In Brief

E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce, is the exchange of goods and services as well as the sending of money and data through an electronic network, most commonly the internet.

These business dealings can be either B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer), C2C (consumer-to-consumer), or C2B.

E-business and e-commerce are frequently used interchangeably. E-tail is also sometimes used to describe the transactions that make up online retail shopping.

The widespread use of e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay over the past 20 years has significantly boosted the growth of online retail.

How Does Online Shopping Operate?

The internet is what drives e-commerce. Customers go to an online store using their own devices to look at the selection and place orders for goods or services.

The customer's web browser will communicate back and forth with the server hosting the e-commerce website as the order is placed.

The order manager, a central computer, will receive information about the order.

It will then be sent to databases that control inventory levels, a merchant system that controls payment data using tools like PayPal, a bank computer, and a merchant system.

It will then be returned to the order manager.

This is done to ensure that there is enough stock in the store and money in the customer's account to fulfill the order.

  • The order manager will alert the store's web server once the order has been confirmed.
  • The customer will see a notice stating that their order has been successfully handled.

The order manager will then notify the warehouse or fulfillment department that the product or service can be delivered to the customer by sending order data to those departments.

At this moment, a customer may receive real or digital goods, or they may be given access to a service.

Online marketplaces where sellers register, like Amazon. Software as a service (SaaS) tools that let users "rent" online store infrastructures.

Or open source tools that businesses run using their in-house developers are some examples of platforms that host e-commerce transactions.

Traffic signal with a ecommerce sign
Traffic signal with a ecommerce sign

E-commerce Categories

Instead of between businesses and consumers, business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce refers to the electronic exchange of goods, services, or information between businesses.

Online directories and websites that allow businesses to search for products, services, and information as well as start transactions using e-procurement interfaces are two examples.

Business To Commerce (B2C)

Online retail is known as business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce. It occurs when companies offer goods, services, or information to customers directly.

The phrase gained popularity in the late 90s dot-com boom, when online stores and sellers of goods were still a novelty.

Today, there are countless online malls and stores that sell all kinds of consumer items. The most recognizable of these websites is Amazon. In the B2C market, it is king.

Cosummer To Commerce (C2C)

Consumers trade goods, services, and information with one another online in a process known as consumer-to-consumer (C2C) e-commerce.

These transactions are often carried out through a third party that offers an internet platform for their execution.

Two instances of C2C platforms include online auctions and classified ads. Two well-known examples of these platforms are eBay and Craigslist.

Consumer To Business To Consumer (C2B2C)

C2B2C, or consumer-to-business-to-consumer, is another name for this type of e-commerce because it involves businesses like eBay.

C2C purchases are also possible on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and the fashion reselling platform Depop.

Consumers offer their goods and services for sale to businesses online through a sort of e-commerce known as consumer-to-business (C2B).

This goes against the conventional B2C business paradigm.

Consumer To Business (C2B)

A market that offers royalty-free photos, images, media, and design components, like iStock, is a well-known example of a C2B platform. An additional illustration is a job board.

Business To Administration (B2A)

Online transactions between businesses and public administrations or governmental entities are referred to as business-to-administration (B2A) transactions.

Numerous governmental branches require different kinds of e-services or e-products.

These goods and services frequently deal with legal records, registrations, social security, monetary information, and employment.

These can be obtained electronically from businesses. In the past few years, B2A services have grown a lot thanks to investments in e-government capabilities.

Consumer To Administration (C2A)

Consumer-to-administration (C2A) transactions are online deals between private people and government agencies or departments.

Man pointing at his laptop screen
Man pointing at his laptop screen

Market Analysis Concepts For E-Commerce

A number of techniques are utilized to try and better understand the target market for the brand, such as market analysis or market research.

Understanding the demands, driving forces, annoyances, and anxieties of the target market is helpful.

When a business has access to all of this information, it can improve its product, improve how it works with customers, and create a targeted advertising campaign that brings in good customers and makes the product more marketable.

Market research will be very helpful in positioning the product or service such that the customer only sees its undeniable advantages.

Simply put, market research tells you what your target market wants and needs from your products.

Why would your target client want to buy your product? Your report on market research contains the solution.

In order to make the process of making strategic decisions easier, market research is specifically designed to gather information about the market, your rivals, and future customer behavior.

There are many reasons to do market research, such as to find new business prospects, understand how customers act, lower risks, come up with marketing materials, and become more competitive.

Two categories of market research exist:

  • Primary investigation This means that you collected both the data and the information, and that you own and control both the data and the way it was collected.
  • Second investigation It indicates that information and data are gathered from pre-existing sources.

This kind of market research makes the data public to others as well as you, so your rivals may be able to access it.

Search & Analysis Of The Market

Providing market research and analysis entails researching the marketplace's dynamism. The market research provides details on the industry you plan to work in.

It can handle a variety of issues. You can develop your marketing strategy with the aid of market analysis.

You will know how to run your business by taking into account certain factors.

What are the factors? SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) are the most common factors.

Knowing the positive and negative aspects of your business will help you decide where to concentrate your development efforts.

There are also outside variables:

  • Political unpredictability.
  • Economic instability.
  • Social upheaval.

Are examples of external variables.

Before making strategic decisions, the market analysis offers the chance to learn more about all of this.

Additionally, it lessens dangers and helps to stop threats.

A few factors might be considered when conducting a market analysis. These features are:

  • Size of the market.
  • The market's growth pace
  • Trends in the market
  • Economic success in the market.
  • Important success factors.
  • Methods of dissemination
  • The industry's cost structure.

Market Capacity

One of the most crucial elements in market research is size. Various times exist, and they vary depending on the size of the market.

The first is the quantity of competitors: the larger the market, the more competitors there will be.

  • When capturing a sizable market, you must be certain that your products will stand out from the competition's offerings.
  • The third factor in the large market is pricing policy: due to fierce rivalry, you cannot set the price too high.
  • In a tiny market, it is possible to demand a high price.
  • the market's rate of expansion.
  • The ability to predict how long the market will last makes it a crucial factor.

Before making investments, it can be helpful to have an understanding of the market's perspective.

There may be no purpose in investing at all if the market in question is not anticipated to grow. And it is safe to invest more in it if it has a growth outlook.

market tendencies It is clear why market trends are important while conducting market analysis.

It is simpler to choose what goods or services to market when you are aware of current trends and what consumers are most likely to purchase.

It makes sense to understand the current purchase trend.

It provides you with the chance to learn more about your potential customers preferences, their purchasing habits, the current focus of their attention, and other things.

This kind of information will be included in your analysis. However, due to the flexibility of market patterns, caution must be exercised.

It may be a fantastic opportunity, but it may also pose a serious threat.

Even if your product line is quite successful, a change in market trends might be particularly brutal for you if you exclusively produce one kind of good.

Profitability in the market. Of course, making a profit is one of your key goals while running a business. In other words, you want to expand your capital.

So, before you decide to put your money in the market, you must ascertain whether it is profitable. It would be a terrible waste of your money and time if it weren't.

That is precisely the reason why you require market research.

A number of factors must be taken into account while analyzing market profitability.

These things may include entry restrictions, supplier and buyer power, among others.

Essentials for success Key success factors are described as components that can help a brand achieve significant market success.

A crucial success factor is that your product will stand out from those of your competitors.

As a result, you will undoubtedly achieve amazing success. These components include:

  • Tech advancement.
  • Prudent resource management.
  • Expense-cutting measures.
  • Distributing routes.

The relevance of your distribution channels depends on how well you can serve your clients with your goods or services.

Because of this, it plays a significant role in market research.

You must be aware of how distribution channels operate. It is crucial to understand whether creating new ones is necessary or not.

Costs in the industry Industry cost structures make it easier to understand how much money is needed to get your products on the market.

There are situations when cutting costs can result in higher profits. By doing a market analysis, you can learn how to cut costs and get ahead of your competitors at the same time.

Laptop With Green Screen And Money
Laptop With Green Screen And Money

People Also Ask

What Is E-Commerce Mean?

E-commerce, often known as electronic commerce, is the exchange of goods and services as well as the sending of money and data through an electronic network, most commonly the internet.

What Is E-Commerce And Its Advantages?

Ecommerce is the electronic online buying and selling of products. It is well-liked due to the numerous advantages of doing business online, including mobile commerce, electronic payment transfers, and internet marketing.

How Does An E-commerce Work?

E-commerce is the practice of buying and selling products and services online.

Customers use electronic payments to make purchases from the website or online store. The merchant sends the products or renders the service after receiving the payment.

Why Is Ecommerce Important?

With an optimized and well-developed website, you can not only achieve these goals but also offer your customers a round-the-clock, convenient service, which can boost.

E-commerce gives businesses a lot of chances to do things like market their products, expand their product lines, and make more sales.


Once you've defined and looked over all the data you need, it's time to improve your marketing and sales strategy.

Here is a further crucial point. Being aware of your areas for improvement based on your competitors' actions is simply the beginning of the process.

The second step is to keep an eye on your clients' actions and make effective use of all the data you get to put your company ahead of the competition.

A customer data platform like REVEAL, which tracks customer activity from a variety of perspectives, may be used to learn how to attract, keep, and delight consumers while reducing CAC and boosting customer lifetime value.

When you understand how your competitors and customers act, you're also well on your way to becoming one of the top companies in your market.

We hope this post has provided you with the details you need to make competitive analysis a crucial component of your company.

You're well on your way to building and keeping a strong online brand that always does better than the competition.

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