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What Different Types Of Media Are There?


There are many different types of media that businesses and brands utilize for their marketing and advertising purposes to express their brand messages, as well as to promote their products or services.

Various media formats, such as movies, newspapers, magazines, and so on, are designed to convey information about the world to people who are sitting at home.A product or brand can also be advertised through several media types.Companies use the most relevant media channel to reach a large number of individuals throughout the globe.

Lesson 4 - Types of Media

What Types Of Media Are There?

Each of the various forms of media, from newspapers and magazines to billboards and social media, is considered to be distinct.

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They can all be broken down into one of four broad categories:

  • Print Media
  • Broadcast Media or Mass Media
  • Internet Media
  • Out of Home Media
A word 'printing' and icons surrounding it
A word 'printing' and icons surrounding it

This type of news outlet was once the only means of disseminating information to the general population.In the 1980s and 1990s, print media was the only kind of entertainment available.People relied on newspapers and periodicals to learn everything, from recipes and entertainment news to critical information about the country or the world, in the olden days.Print media consists of a wide range of media, including:

  • Newspapers – daily or weekly publications that are printed and distributed.They include sports, politics, technology, and science news, as well as local, national, and international news, birth announcements, and entertainment news about fashion, celebrities, and movies.Parents today grew up with this type of printed media.
  • Magazines – published weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.It includes information on finance, food, lifestyle, fashion, and sports, among other things.
  • Books – books that are focused on a specific topic or subject, allowing the reader to spread their knowledge about their favorite topic.
  • Banners – used to advertise a company's services and products, they are hung in prominent places to catch people's attention.
  • Billboards are large advertisements created with the assistance of computers.Their goal is to attract passers-by.
  • Brochures – a type of booklet that contains information about a single company – its products, services, terms and conditions, contact information, address, and so on.They are either distributed with the newspapers or given to individuals.Check out this article to learn more about how to simplify the brochure design process.
  • Flyers – Due to the low cost of advertising, flyers are mostly used by small businesses.They are distributed in public places and contain basic information about a company, such as its name, logo, service or product, and contact information.

Broadcasting Media

WiFi/signal at the center of iPad, tablet, phone, radio, and computer
WiFi/signal at the center of iPad, tablet, phone, radio, and computer

Broadcasting media is comprised of films, audios, and written content that conveys critical or amusing information via a variety of methods:

  • Television - in the past, there were only a few stations that broadcasted a variety of different types of programming; now, there are hundreds of channels to pick from.Each channel specializes in a particular genre of programming, so you'll have a channel for news, drama, movies, sports, animation, nature, travel, politics, cartoons, and religion.It is the most widely distributed broadcasting medium due to its audience reach.
  • Radio - transmits entertaining, informational, and instructional content to the public via radio waves.Radio is frequently used to advertise products and services due to its high audience reach.Radio is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, and people frequently listen to it while commuting to learn about the weather and traffic.
  • Films – film, motion picture, script, moving image, or film – have a global audience.It is the most effective mode of public communication for promoting cultures and increasing social consciousness.Films have long played a significant role in the realm of entertainment.

Internet Media

Hands holding phones connected to a WiFi
Hands holding phones connected to a WiFi

Nowadays, we rely on the Internet for news far more frequently than we do on traditional news sources.Websites disseminate information using video, text, and audio.We can also select the method by which we wish to get news.Internet media are classified into the following categories:

  • Social media platforms and websites – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest, among others.They are simple to use and are frequently utilized by people worldwide.While we can get news here, it is possible that it is deceptive due to the lack of standards governing the content posted.
  • Online forums – a place where we may leave comments, message one another, or debate a certain subject.Forums enable us to exchange knowledge with those who share our interests.That is why it is regarded as the ideal platform for seeking aid and support.
  • Podcast is a collection of audio files devoted to a single subject or theme.They are available for listening on a computer or a mobile phone.It is a medium through which anyone may share their knowledge and communicate with the rest of the world.You can browse several podcast hosting sites to determine which one best suits your needs.

Out Of Home Media

Billboards, posters, and LED displays outside
Billboards, posters, and LED displays outside

It's an exhilarating experience to be a part of the out of home advertising industry.Over the past few years, the demand for OOH advertisements has been stable.Real-world marketing has always been an exciting area for advertisers, and as we enter a new decade, that enthusiasm is understandable.

As a result of technological advancements and traditional benefits, many marketers and advertisers find themselves unable to resist the realm of OOH advertising.Take a look at the industry, where it has been and what the future may hold for you.

Adverts that can be seen outside a consumer's house are known as out of home advertising (OOH).Billboards, bus shelters, benches, and everything in between have all been included in the past.Outside of your home, if you see an advertisement (and it's not on your phone! ), you're probably looking at an OOH ad.

Getting your message out there might be a challenge because of the rise of digital advertising.For advertising and marketers, OOH overcomes this problem and is now combining with digital improvements to make it a potent instrument. OOH advertising comes in a variety of forms, including:

  • Billboards
  • Busses
  • Posters
  • Tube system, metro, and other travel locations
  • Airport
  • Taxis
  • Street furniture


We use media to learn new things and entertain ourselves.With modern technology, we may choose the media we want to use at any time and anywhere.

Thanks to the Internet, we can listen to the radio on our way to work, watch our favorite shows on our phones, and research any topic we want.Who knows where technology will take us.

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