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What Is A Bylined Article?


What exactly is a byline? Many individuals have seen the term "byline" used to designate a specific style of the article but are unsure what it implies. In layman's terms, a byline is an article in which you are the author and your name appears prominently as the author.

This is the moniker given to a certain article in the media. It literally means 'by so-and-so.' In print newspapers, journalists see having their byline written next to their piece as a symbol of honor – especially if their story made it to the main page.

Bylines wield comparable weight in the realm of internet media, with more generic news pieces often published under 'staff' or simply without a byline at all.

But did you know you don't have to be a journalist for a newspaper to get the desired byline? That's true, as an external contributor, you may have a bylined article published without being a journalist for the website or newspaper.

It might be an opinion piece in a newspaper or on a news website. It may be a how-to guide or a case study describing how you reached a significant milestone. It may be an advice piece in a magazine for businesses on how to expand or possibilities that they are missing, or it could be explaining something hard and technical to potential customers in a simple way in a lifestyle blog.

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To summarize, a bylined piece can be authored by a subject matter expert, but it does not have to be written by a writer hired by the magazine. It is a potent PR weapon that many business owners are unaware is even feasible, let alone achievable.

Bylined Articles

Benefits Of Bylined Articles

Bylined articles will often include a brief bio that highlights the writer's qualifications. It guarantees that your name and the name of your organization will be mentioned at least once, which is a beautifully predictable type of PR.

To save time, editors would often simply copy and paste the biographies given by the writer. This allows the author another wonderful option to build their tale and tell the world about themselves in a way that they have complete control over, highlighting the greatest aspects of your brand.

Many online journals will even include a link to your website, which may offer great traffic and SEO boost, allowing companies to reach out to prospective new customers and non-profits to get members or supporters. It enables rapid action when someone reads the article and is interested in you or your organization; they can act on that interest by simply clicking the link.

A bylined article establishes the author as an authority on the subject matter. Because a newspaper would not hire just anybody to write for them, bylines provide an instant feeling of authority and trustworthiness.

Compare this to being briefly mentioned as an expert in a lengthy piece written by a magazine staff member, where the journalist controls the narrative and chooses the quotations to best convey their own story.

Creating A Message And A Strategy For Bylined Articles
Creating A Message And A Strategy For Bylined Articles

Creating A Message And A Strategy For Bylined Articles

When designing a plan for a client's bylined publications, keep a few things in mind. First, thoroughly consider your messaging, audience, and timing. It is critical that you understand the client's marketing and business goals in order to identify which messages are most vital and relevant in assisting them in achieving those goals.

Once you've determined what a client is most interested in sharing and how it matches with their bigger goals, we study the media sources that cover comparable issues and reach the most appropriate audiences, ranging from high-profile magazines to niche influencer blogs. To elaborate on this technique, tailor communications to the major verticals that the customer serves.

The importance of timing cannot be overstated. Contributed material, for example, should be considered while preparing product launches. A bylined piece discussing the benefits of a specific type of technology and how it fits into industry trends might be released around the same time as a big product is introduced if it is organized long enough in advance. If the message of the product introduction and the bylined piece is consistent, the client gains credibility and helps to demonstrate the product's value in an industry-wide context.

Whether or not a bylined piece is associated with a product introduction, it should concentrate on bigger industry trends rather than the product or brand itself. For example, if a customer is revising their corporate vision to correspond with the direction their industry is taking, it would be a fantastic time to write an article about the broader shift in their market.

Bylined article
Bylined article

Final Thoughts

Include a site link and contact information in your byline, if the editor permits it. Make a note of when the article will be published and when you will be accessible to answer questions.

Once your piece is published, it becomes the publication's copyrighted content, and you must follow its copyright regulations. However, you will most likely be able to purchase reproductions. These can be distributed to customers, displayed at trade exhibitions, or included in a press package. Some periodicals provide electronic editions for internet distribution.

So, do you believe you're up to the task? Though bylined publications take time and work, the benefits of becoming an industry thought leader may be enormous.

How Long Is A Bylined Article?

The ideal length for a byline is 700 to 1,000 words, with most editors preferring the shorter end of the range. A decent rule of thumb is that if your byline fills more than two pages of a Word document, it's time to make some changes.

What Is A Byline In A Newspaper Article?

The byline is the section of a newspaper story that identifies the author or writers, as shown in the example below. If the piece is signed, the author's name should appear beneath the title or at the conclusion.

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