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What Is The Role Of A Branding Consultant?


A branding consultant is a professional who assists businesses in defining, sharpening, and growing their reputation through time, making the brand a more vital driver of corporate performance. They frequently collaborate with senior management and other partners - in areas such as technology, public relations, and so on to help businesses realize their full potential.

Brand consultants, often known as brand marketers or brand strategists, serve a variety of purposes. They're in charge of gathering data, formulating strategies, and improving a company's design and communication strategy.

Insights + Research

Three people discussing with each other with a big lightbulb in the middle
Three people discussing with each other with a big lightbulb in the middle

All brand consulting job begins with research. The majority of important decisions should be based on facts - on the client, category, and competitors.

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Primary research aimed at establishing and addressing customer needs may be overseen by brand consultants (current and prospective). Secondary research may also be conducted by brand consultants in order to better understand the category, competitor brands, and pertinent trends.

Research can help with a variety of important business responsibilities, including: Marketing, Sales, Product/R&D, HRand IT.

The best brand consultants are well-versed in a variety of quantitative and qualitative data collection methodologies, including surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnography, and more.


Chess pieces played by a person
Chess pieces played by a person

After conducting extensive research, consultants use the information to document the concepts that underpin high-performance brands. This could include fine-tuning a company's Purpose, Mission, and Values. It will most likely include the creation of an actionable portrait of the target audience, which will clearly define their requirements and objectives. Brand experts will then identify a company's strategic positioning and extract what sets it apart from its competition. assisting in the creation of a distinct market positioning This will help you create a rich, complex brand story.

When it comes to new product creation and innovation in general, brand marketing consultants also spend time managing a process that puts the target customer at the center. The promise of a brand serves as a guide and inspiration for 'needs-based' innovation.

Companies with many brands might hire a brand consultant to ensure that each brand has its own structure, identity, and clear link to other brands, which is referred to as "brand architecture."Finally, brand consultants may be useful in developing an entire marketing strategy that includes teaching internal and external audiences about the significance of a brand - as well as identifying business growth prospects.


Bag, papers, cup, cards
Bag, papers, cup, cards

The most visible aspect of brand consulting is design, which is frequently what prompts a company to hire a consultant. Brand consultants are crucial in ensuring that brand positioning and creative development are in sync.

The consultant delivers insights and suggestions to improve all company communications, marketing messaging, experiences, and more, from names and logos to websites. Consultants can also help with workplaces, offices, storefronts, and other physical locations in order to build a strong, consistent brand that draws repeat customers.

How Much Do Branding Consultants Make?

When it comes to being a brand consultant, there's more to it than meets the eye. Did you know, for example, that they earn an average of $32.28 per hour? That works up to $67,142 each year! Between 2018 and 2028, the career is predicted to rise by 8%, resulting in 21,800 employment openings across the United States.

How Do I Become A Brand Consultant?

When a company's brand isn't performing well, brand consultants are brought in to help breathe fresh life into it, improve it, and adapt it. Brand consultants may offer a fresh and unbiased view on the benefits and drawbacks of a company's brand, as well as recommend and implement effective branding solutions that can help their clients turn their fortunes around.

After all of this research is completed, the brand consultant will process the material, analyze it, detect trends, interpret it, and present it in an easily digestible style.

They'll then present their findings to the customer and provide expert advice on how to maximize the return on marketing initiatives.

These suggestions could range from brand creation, copywriting, internal brand involvement, and the usage of social media and other digital phenomena to brand name, packaging design, and visual merchandising.

What Makes A Good Brand Consultant?

An excellent consultant is a brand in and of itself, with a well-defined culture and approach. Flyers, postcards, and even stickers are excellent ways to establish your brand identity and advertise yourself to new clients. To be a successful consultant, you must promote yourself.

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