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Which Is The Best POV To Use?


A point of view is the author's perspective on the world he has built.Either from the point of view of a character's thoughts or from that of a detached third party, the reader can enter this world.

To tell a story, point of view is an essential literary tool.When an author chooses a point of view, it can have a significant impact on how the reader comprehends and participates in the narrative.

One or many people can use point of view to express their thoughts, feelings, motivations, and experiences.

It's the perspective from which the story is told.

First person vs. Second person vs. Third person - Rebekah Bergman

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What Are The 3 Points Of View?

For your story, there are three main types of point of view you can choose from:

First-Person POV

The first-person POV uses the personal pronouns "I," "me," "we," and "us" in order to tell a story from the narrator's perspective.

In a first-person narrative, the narrator is either the protagonist or a supporting character who tells the story of the protagonist.

If the first-person narrator is the protagonist, he or she can be either central (the narrator is at the center of the plot) or peripheral (the narrator is not the protagonist) (the narrator is a witness to the story but she or he is not the main character).

Using A First-Person POV Has Three Advantages

First-person narration is popular in fiction. It's great for achieving specific effects in a story or novel, like:

  • "Call me Ishmael" (from Herman Melville's Moby-Dick) is a noteworthy first line—the narrator is introducing themself to the reader. Your readers will be more emotionally satisfied by your skillfully planned tension and payoff since you've increased intimacy.
  • Unique voice: Being in a character's head allows you to narrate the story in their voice rather than your own. First-person POV is a terrific approach to find fresh voices.
  • If you narrate the story from one POV character's perspective, you can avoid giving away all the information—and even let the character tell outright lies. This is a terrific method to add humor, drama, or mystery to your story.

Second-Person Point Of View

"You" and "Your" are examples of second-person point of view when used by a narrator in a story.The story is told from the perspective of a bystander who speaks directly to the reader.You could say something such as, "You walked to school this morning."

Because it's so easy to appear gimmicky while writing in the second person, the first-person point of view is the most difficult to use.However, if you put in the effort, you can accomplish anything and do it effectively.

It's easier to get the reader's attention when you use a second-person perspective.Try this method if you want to immerse the reader straight from the start.One drawback is the difficulty in conveying the story properly while speaking directly to the audience.

2 Advantages Of Using Second-Person POV

Second-person point of view is hard because it's hard to make the readers feel like they are in the story.

As a result, it's usually best to use it only a few times, not all the time in a story or book.It's better to write in the second person.

  • It's hard to write in the second person, but if you can, your writing will sound unique and interesting.When a writer can bring the reader into the story and address them as "you," it is very rare.
  • Using second-person POV in short bursts draws the reader into the story right away, making them feel like they're part of it.Can be a good way to get their attention.

Third-Person Point Of View

A third person narrator delivers the story using pronouns he, she, them, or it. Imagine yourself as an outsider looking in on the action.

Using a third-person perspective is the most common. Less freedom than in the other two perspectives. In this style of writing, you play the role of a "onlooker," seeing events as they unfold.

It's like watching a large-cast play at a theater. There are two ways to write in third person: omniscient or limited, when only one character's ideas are provided to the reader at a time.

Writing in the third person allows the author to deliver things from a broader perspective. The disadvantage is that readers may struggle to relate to your work.

3 Advantages Of Using Third-Person POV

Third-person writing can be omniscient or constrained.There are two ways to tell what a character is thinking and feeling (aware only of what certain characters say and do). Write clearly and give each character their unique voice. It can help with:

  • The reader can compare and contrast different perspectives by going into each character's head. Like third-person omniscient, a constrained POV can depict a variety of things. As an example, it can demonstrate how a character sees things or thinks about them.
  • It has more to look at. If you're writing in first person, the writer can't reveal information that isn't already known. The writer can make observations that the characters don't observe. A "voice of god" tone makes them sound like they can fix problems the characters can't. Using a third-person limited narrator allows the writer to broaden the plot from one person to the entire globe. If you're writing in first person, the writer can't reveal information that isn't already known. The writer can make observations that the character cannot.
  • Third-person limited is easier to write than third-person omniscient since it allows you to focus on a few views. Third-person limited POV only looks at a few persons per tale, chapter, or scene. This helps focus a story by directing the reader to the main elements.

How To Choose The POV For Your Story

If there isn't a single greatest viewpoint for all tales, then there isn't a single best viewpoint for all stories.

Do some brainstorming and ask yourself questions to help you decide which point of view is best for your next piece of writing.

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