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15 Excellent B2B Content Marketing Examples

15 Excellent B2B Content Marketing Examples

Content marketing has risen to the top of the B2B relationship rankings. It's ideal for extended sales cycles, when customers are researching their options among competing companies. Finding the right balance of excitement and curiosity for what can often be a rather dull subject matter is never simple.

Keith Peterson
Last updated: Oct 14, 2021 | Sep 10, 2021

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Content marketing has risen to the top of the B2B relationship rankings. It's ideal for extended sales cycles, when customers are researching their options among competing companies. Finding the right balance of excitement and curiosity for what can often be a rather dull subject matter is never simple.

Here are 13 examples of outstanding B2B content marketing for inspiration to help you find your content marketing rhythm.


Leadpages logo

LeadPages is a company that creates landing page templates and offers testing services.

The Plan of Action:

To compete with significant competitors like HubSpot, LeadPages focused on the following marketing assets:

  • From social media cross-promotions to preventing lead leaks, this expert marketing blog focuses on lead generation and A/B testing with a unique approach to content creation.
  • Adding free educational marketing tools such as courses, eBooks, infographics, and case studies to their content.
  • Using a world-class podcaster, Tim Paige, to produce what has become one of the most popular marketing podcasts, "ConversionCast."
  • Weekly webinars are being launched to continue and expand their instructional marketing efforts.

The End Result:

According to Clay Collins, the company's founder and CEO, they gained 35,000 customers in less than three years and generated more than $16 million in sales in 2015.

WP Engine

WP Engine logo

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific managed hosting platform.

The Plan of Action:

Their highly targeted content marketing technique divided their efforts into different "buckets," which included:

  • Their service: Emphasis on new features and company news.
  • Their business: Assisting people in marketing firms and agencies with their online presence, with a concentration on WordPress users.
  • Impact on business: Assisting people in driving growth through their online presence.
  • Torque: Creating a community focused on offering a resource for WordPress users rather than talking about the business.
  • Support: Providing textual and audiovisual content to assist consumers in resolving issues.

The End Result:

Their targeted material addressed the specific issues of their various categories of clients by focusing on specific difficulties and pain spots. They were able to purchase 300,000 sites in 128 countries and earn more than $40 million as a result.

STR Software

STR Software logo

STR Software is a company that specializes in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for larger businesses.

The Plan of Action:

To set themselves apart from the competitors, they emphasized instructional material, such as:

  • BI Publisher University's inception
  • The use of an online form to collect data from leads to create gated content.
  • Using lead-generated data to target and nurture leads, as well as email automation to distribute more relevant content Promotion of their university on their website
  • To reach their target audience, they need to use effective email marketing.

The End Result:

For greater organic traffic, STR Software was able to improve the quality of their sales leads and inbound links. They noticed a 10% boost in conversion rate on their forms, as well as a 54 percent increase in web traffic, with 67 percent more page views and more time spent on their site.

Simply Business

Simply Business logo

Simply Business is the UK's biggest insurance broker.

The Plan of Action:

Simply Business decided that in order to sell insurance, they didn't need to focus on it. Instead, they concentrated on producing information that would be useful to business owners, such as guidelines for a variety of topics, such as:

  • Productivity in email
  • Google Ads
  • WordPress is a blogging platform for businesses.
  • Use of social media

The End Result:

Simply Business's concept was a huge hit, with higher ranks for their main keywords and a large boost in organic traffic.

Single Grain

Single Grain logo

Single Grain is a digital marketing firm that specializes in helping tech entrepreneurs.

The Plan of Action:

Single Grain aimed to attract huge corporations like Uber and Amazon by creating content that would convert visitors into subscribers. They also sought to start a discussion about their services. Their content marketing strategy comprised the following:

  • A blog dedicated to online marketing success.
  • Eric Siu, the CEO of Marketing School, is featured in a podcast with Neil Patel, a marketing thought leader.
  • Guides, courses, webinars, and infographics are available in this large online resource area.

The End Result:

Their podcasts have become among the industry's most popular, and their articles have received thousands of shares and links. They've gotten a lot of people to visit their website and spread the word about their company. They've met their initial conversion and engagement targets.


Hubspot logo

HubSpot is a digital marketing firm that is credited with coining the term "inbound marketing."

The Plan of Action:

HubSpot's strategy is straightforward. To address different stages of the funnel, they generated two sorts of content:

  • Their site is dedicated to teaching small businesses how to use inbound marketing to gain customers at the top of the sales funnel.
  • Their library of eBooks, case studies, webinars, a quiz, and a marketing kit aimed at visitors in the middle to bottom of the funnel is excellent.

The End Result:

Their content marketing has been a big source of traffic, allowing them to go from being sponsored to a public company worth over a billion dollars in just ten years.


Scripted logo

Scripted assists businesses in locating and hiring writers to help them produce their content.

The Plan of Action:

Their content marketing strategy, in order to compete with other writer markets, focuses on each phase of the buyer's journey, including:

  • A blog and podcast dedicated to tackling common issues with the goal of getting people to the top of the funnel.
  • White papers and webinars that provide more in-depth solutions to help people move further down the sales funnel and sign up for email newsletters
  • Case studies are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of their services to subscribers who will hopefully use them in the future.

The End Result:

Their strategy has proven to be incredibly effective, with blog postings accounting for 46% of their total traffic. Bounce rates for content were also nearly three times lower than for other sources.


Salesforce logo

Salesforce is the largest CRM vendor in the world.

The Plan of Action:

Salesforce needed to boost its search and sponsored traffic sources utilizing a variety of strategies, including:

  • Videos about sales and marketing that are both entertaining and educational.
  • A customer success Prezi.
  • The world's first stop-motion SlideShare.

The End Result:

Their technique resulted in an 80 percent increase in traffic year over year in just three months. They also witnessed an astounding 2500 percent rise in visitors from their social media pages. Their eBook downloads surpassed 10,000, and 6,500 people signed up for their newsletter.


SAP logo

SAP is a global enterprise software company with a presence in more than a dozen industries.

The Plan of Action:

With such a broad audience, SAP concentrated on segmentation, which included:

  • Content marketing tailored to 19 consumer segments
  • Messages that are tailored to each industry's needs.
  • Solution-based material for each sector, showcasing the product's industry-specific advantages.
  • Email, Tweets, blog posts, LinkedIn status updates, their own SAP Community Network, virtual and real events, outbound and responder follow-up calls, and account-based marketing are all examples of using the proper content for each target.

The End Result:

SAP recorded $3,675,000 in Marketing Generated Ops, and marketing experienced $50,037,709 in pipeline growth.


Secureworks logo

This cybersecurity firm focuses on assisting businesses in detecting potential cyber-attack sources.

The Plan of Action:

SecureWorks focused on developing personas so that their content could better address problems for their clients and convert traffic into leads utilizing the following methods:

  • A blog dedicated to answering issues concerning data security and compliance.
  • Webinars, white papers, reports, case studies, solution briefs, datasheets, and videos provide in-depth information.

The End Result:

SecureWorks was able to convert one out of every two eligible leads, doubling its conversion rate.

CB Insights

CB Insights logo

CB Insights is a data-driven technology market information platform.

The Plan of Action:

They produced the funny, engaging CB Insights Newsletter to give readers a wealth of information. The following items are included in the content:

  • Technology-related thoughts
  • Venture capital information
  • Business plans for new ventures

The End Result:

They developed material that remains relevant to their readers and helps them maintain a position of authority in their field by concentrating on their buyer's needs.


Velcro logo

This firm is well-known for inventing the two-sided "hoop and loop" adhesive, which can be seen on everything from picture hangers to running shoes.

The Plan of Action:

Velcro created innovative, amusing content to highlight the fact that using their corporate name without permission is against the law. The following was contained in their content:

  • Their legal staff sings about the proper use of the phrase in two videos.
  • A social media invitation to join the #DontSayVelcro "campaign"
  • Velcro quizzes on the internet

The End Result:

Hundreds of thousands of people viewed the initial video, which received comments from 150 nations. The second video received over 650,000 views and sparked several debates regarding whether Velcro should be used as a noun or a verb.

NextView Ventures

NextView Ventures logo

NextView is a venture capital platform that assists businesses in assembling their team, developing a product, and attracting customers.

The Plan of Action:

NextView decided to develop content from an unusual web source:

  • Using Medium Publications, they built an online publication called "Better Days."
  • They were able to develop numerous voices and content themes without worrying about their brand thanks to the off-site content platform.
  • It creates off-site material with a backlink to their website.
  • It enables users to follow them across other multimedia platforms.

The End Result:

They have access to nearly 26 million followers through the platform, a quantity that their own site could never achieve on its own.

Mattermark: Raise the Bar

Matterkmark logo

One of the best things about well-curated information is that it avoids a lot of labor, especially when it pertains to your field of work. When you already have a full plate, keeping up with news and trends is difficult, so having someone else hand-pick the items you need to know might seem like striking gold.

By producing a “daily digest of timely, must-read content on sales, marketing, and growth engineering,” Raise the Bar does this. And it had been the plan all along. “We're focusing our attention toward filtering through the mountains of content out there around sales, marketing, and growth to aid the community of DOERS who develop companies,” wrote Mattermark Co-founder and CEO Danielle Morrill in a 2016 blog post announcing the introduction of the newsletter.

Marketers should remember to educate their customers. Consider the issues that your product or service is already attempting to resolve for customers. Then, turn the information into useful content that will save and inform your readers while also being easy to find.

MYOB: Tax Time

MYOB logo

MYOB, an Australian and New Zealand-based provider of business management software, assists businesses in managing their finances, in part by connecting them with bookkeepers and financial services specialists. There are two key buyer personas in it:

  • Small firms who are still learning the ropes
  • More established businesses that require a deeper understanding of all aspects of their operations.

Each demographic has its own set of concerns and information hub on, and MYOB has developed a B2B content marketing strategy for each that demonstrates how well it knows its customers.

MYOB knows that many businesses are still working out accounting and financial issues as they grow, so it has generated content that positions the brand as a go-to resource for such firms at every step of their growth. The Tax Time center, for example, is designed to meet the demands of both consumer groups, with advice for those just getting started and instructions for those moving on to new stages.

Marketers takeaway: Grow with your customers.

Ask yourself, "Do I really understand my audience?" before you start brainstorming and mapping out content ideas. The response may be "no" if you have any worries about how the proposal would benefit or be valuable to your audience — and that's fine. Audiences (and people) change throughout time, therefore it's fine to go back to the drawing board for a refresh in these situations.

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