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Backlinks And Social Media Ranking - Boost Your SEO Game


You might be wondering if links from social media are SEO backlinks. Google says no. So what are the tips to use backlinks and social media rankings?

Also, in 2016, Cognitive SEO looked at 23 million social signals from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other sites. They found that social signals have a strong link to Google Ranking. In fact, the top four Google search results have more activity on Facebook than they do on Google.

This is a clear sign that we need to optimize our social media right away. But before we get started, let's talk about what social media backlinks are: Social media backlinks are just a way to market your content, so Google can decide faster if it should be ranked or not. Overall, social media can do a lot for your SEO if you take care of the on-page and technical parts.

Link Building: How to Get POWERFUL Backlinks

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Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. They are also called "incoming links" or "one-way links." Backlinks are like "votes" for a page on Google and other big search engines. Pages that have a lot of backlinks tend to do well in organic search results.

Backlinks are basically votes from other sites. Every one of these votes tells search engines, "This content is good, trustworthy, and valuable." So, the more of these "votes" you have, the better Google and other search engines will rank your site.

It's not a new idea for a search engine algorithm to use links. In fact, Google's first algorithm, which was called "PageRank," was built on backlinks. Even though Google has changed its algorithm a lot since then, backlinks are still a very important ranking factor.

For example, a study we did on the industry found that links are still Google's main way of figuring out how to rank pages. And Google has said that backlinks are still one of the three most important things they use to rank websites in search engines.

What Is Social Media SEO?

How To Use Social Media For SEO

How social media affects search rank has been a bit of a murky topic for a long time. Even though social media marketing may not have a direct effect on search results, your social media presence can help you rank higher in searches.

Like social media marketing itself, getting a high search rank through social media SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint. Even though links in your published posts don't help you rank higher on search engines, how your content is ranked is affected by your overall social media presence.

Individual social media profiles and posts show up in search results, which helps your brand's networks get more attention. Social media SEO isn't only about Google, either. More than two billion searches are done on Facebook every day.

This means that social networks are becoming search engines themselves. This means that getting a higher ranking when customers search for specific content on a social media network can also give your brand or business a big boost.

How to Use Backlinks for Better Ranking (Guide)

Connect With Other Brands And Bloggers

Connecting with other sites in your niche is one of the best and easiest ways to get more social media backlinks. When you talk to other brands and bloggers on social media, they love it. This kind of interaction can lead to opportunities to build links on social media, such as guest posts, content mentions, and exchanges.

Connect With Journalists And Influencers

Most people use "cold email" to get in touch with journalists and people with a lot of influence when they want to build links. This usually means sending emails to people you've never met or talked to before.

Now, this method does work, but you can be much more successful if you build a relationship or point of contact first. The best way to do this is through social media. Twitter and LinkedIn are two of the best places to do this.

Use Hashtags On Twitter

Hashtags are how everyone on Twitter talks to each other. And there are a lot of hashtags that can be used to build links on social media and reach out to journalists.

Some of the most popular hashtags are #PRrequests, #journorequest, and #bloggerrequest. Reporters, brands, and bloggers usually use these hashtags to ask for information.

Join Blogger Groups

On Twitter and Facebook, there are a lot of niche-specific blogger groups and hashtags that can help you build your network. People ask for specific information in these groups, so it's easy to find out what their niche is and decide if they're a good source of backlinks.

Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest can help your brand become more well-known if you work in a niche that makes high-quality visuals or infographics.

You can get referral traffic from Pinterest, and you can also get natural links from it. People love to link to great images and infographics, so it makes sense to show off your best visual content on the platform.

Consider Other Platforms Such As Quora And Reddit

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the social media sites that most businesses use the most. When making their strategies for building links on social media, companies often forget about sites like Quora and Reddit.

You can post links on these two platforms, and even though most of them are "nofollow," you can still get referral traffic and natural content mentions from them.

People Also Ask

Does Social Media Affect SEO Ranking?

Social media doesn't have a direct effect on your SEO ranking, but the links you share on social media sites bring more attention to your brand. They all work together and have an effect on search engine optimization.

In fact, social media backlinks can help bring people to your website. People go to sites all the time by clicking on links in their newsfeeds.

Backlinks are votes from other websites that your content is credible and useful. So, the more of these "votes" you can get, the better Google and other search engines will rank your site.


Link building can be done in a lot of different ways on social media. Some of these are long-term plans, like building relationships with journalists. Follow Twitter hashtags like #PRrequests if you want to find quick wins. Use backlinks wisely to boost your social media rankings.

If your brand or website has been around for a while, you probably already have a large social media network made up of different brands and bloggers. Reach out to a few of them and talk with them about ways you could work together.

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