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The Best 13 B2B PR Methods For Content Promotion In

The Best 13 B2B PR Methods For Content Promotion In Jan 2022

Do you think your content is getting the attention it deserves? Is it getting enough attention? How do you make sure your message is noticed in a world where our inboxes are bombarded with stuff practically every nanosecond?

Keith Peterson
Last updated: Nov 28, 2021 | Nov 27, 2021

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Do you think your content is getting the attention it deserves? Is it getting enough attention?

How do you make sure your message is noticed in a world where our inboxes are bombarded with stuff practically every nanosecond?

We've put together 13 no-fail B2B PR content promotion techniques to assist you get the most attention for your material. Are you ready to discover how to get your B2B company's content in front of a larger audience? Continue reading....

Bring In The Professionals

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When You Share, Make Sure To Credit Your Sources

Don't forget to mention or tag the folks you've referenced once you've published your amazing material and shared it on social media. As a result, people are more likely to share your content, increasing your exposure.

Contact Each Person You've Given A Quote To

This is an excellent general rule to follow if you interview, reference, or link to someone's stuff. Make the email succinct and to-the-point. Introduce yourself, mention the content you used and how you used it, and express your appreciation for the person's viewpoint. This frequently results in a share or mention, which will give your material a boost.

Obtain An Attention-Getting Quote From A Well-Known Figure

A well-placed quotation from a well-known industry figure can make all the difference. Don't put it off until the last minute. In reality, you'll need to do your homework on influencers. Follow important industry influencers on social media, tweeting and retweeting their information, leaving comments on blog posts, and demonstrating your interest. You'll be warming up your influencers this way. Have a precise theme and keyword in mind before you start writing your article. Then, gently ask your desired influencer to express their point of view in a few phrases by sending them a message with the topic you want to write about. Here's a sample template to get you started:

I'm working on a piece about (X). I know you have relevant, intelligent ideas on the matter because I follow you on Twitter and read your blog, and I'd want to incorporate a quick quotation from you in my essay. I'll send you the piece before I post it on my blog or elsewhere (X site). Without a little quote from you, I'm sure the piece would be incomplete!

With best wishes,

The influencer's comment has the potential to transform the game. You may then create your article around it and link the quote to the person's website or LinkedIn profile after you have it. When it's finished, send an email to the influencer thanking him for his help and requesting that he share it with his followers.

You may offer your material more cachet and exposure by collaborating with an industry expert. Who wouldn't want something like that?

Contact Anyone Who Has Written Or Linked To Similar B2B Content

You most likely came across comparable articles when researching your post. To see who has shared these articles, copy the URLs from the articles and search for them on multiple sites, such as Twitter.

Those who have shared comparable material are likely to be interested in yours. Invite them to check out your content by connecting with them on social media or sending them an email.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

b2b pr methods content

Make Friends With Influencers

Influencers are a difficult nut to crack. They're busy individuals, and getting in touch with them without a "in" is difficult. In this case, services like Rapportive are helpful since they remove the guessing out of obtaining contact information.

Rapportive can provide you the person's email address and even your shared LinkedIn connections if you enter some crucial data about your potential influencer. Directly email the person from here. Alternatively, utilize LinkedIn to discover and use a shared connection, seek an introduction, and continue forward.

Gather Excerpts To Disseminate On Social Media

Break up your post into smaller chunks and distribute them across numerous platforms. These extracts will pique people's interest in reading the rest of your content. Snippets can be generated from a variety of locations within your content. Here are some great places to look for interesting excerpts:

  • Statistically interesting
  • Variations on the title that are eye-catching
  • From the content, a subhead
  • A quote from an influencer

The Vast Appeal Of Video

Video is quickly establishing itself as the king of the content playground. With video, you may reach an entirely new and untapped audience. In video, what may appear boring and inaccessible in print becomes more fascinating. You could write a blog post and then make a video out of it. However, there is a more effective way that many people overlook: generating video content first.

It's a lot easier to adapt video content into other sharable content if you start with video. Here are some ideas for what you can do with your video once you get it:

  • Make a podcast out of the audio.
  • Make a blog entry out of the transcript.
  • Make a PDF of the transcript.
  • Take the video's slides and turn them into a SlideShare.

Another plus for video is that Google users adore it! Although it may not appear high on the results page, the thumbnail image displayed by Google entices many visitors to click and watch.

Make An eBook

If your blog post was particularly instructive and insightful — or if it was part of a series of entries with a similar theme — you can turn it into an eBook. An eBook can help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your profession. It's also a great way to get additional B2B leads.

A Unique Audience Is Attracted To SlideShares

Slideshares stands out from the crowd because to its mostly visual character. It provides a clear and simple way to promote your content to a visually-oriented audience. You can also advertise your work on the SlideShare community site by using SlideShare. The description can then be edited to provide connections to your content and website.

Take Advantage Of Promotional Outlets - Both Free And Paid

b2b pr methods content

Create Your Own Webpage

Your website is an excellent place to market your material, but make sure it's in a prominent location where everyone can see it. Create a "Most Popular" section on your site if you don't already have one, and include a link to your promoted material right at the top.

Find out which of your website's pages receive the most traffic and social media shares (social crawlytics is a great resource for this). Once you've determined which pages are the most popular, include links to your material in the page's text or place it on the side or bottom.

You don't have to implement all 13 suggestions at once. Start with a few and I'm confident you'll see progress. After all, why put work into developing content if it doesn't get the attention it deserves?

Make Use Of A Delivery Service That Charges A Fee

After you've published your material, you can extend your audience by using a paid distribution service like StumbleUpon. You'll often pay per click with this and similar services.

A word of caution: readers who use these services are more picky, so choose a post with a clear and compelling title, as well as an attractive image, to entice them in.

Dive Into The World Of Content Communities

Content communities can be a valuable resource — and they're generally free! Some community sites for specific content, such as SlideShares, have already been considered. Blog Engage, BizSugar, and Triberr are all wonderful places to share your work.

On these sites, the competition for attention might be fierce, so be sure (as always) that your material is outstanding. The correct kind of attention will then be drawn to you.

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What Is B2B PR?

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