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Top 20 B2B Lead Generation Tools You Must Use In 2023

From generating appealing offers, calls to action, and landing pages to nurturing leads after they download your offer, B2B lead generation techniques have a lot of moving pieces. The correct lead generation tools may take the worry out of the process, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Mar 14, 20237.2K Shares100.1K Views

From generating appealing offers, calls to action, and landing pages to nurturing leads after they download your offer, B2B lead generation techniques have a lot of moving pieces. The correct lead generation tools may take the worry out of the process, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

There are tools for every stage of your lead generation process, including:

  • Provide tools for creation.
  • Tools for capturing leads
  • Tools for landing pages
  • Tools for nurturing leads

Learn how to generate more B2B leads using the correct tools to help you expand your business plan. Let's take a look at some of the most popular tools in the business and how they can help you improve your B2B lead generating strategy.

20 Must-Have B2B Lead Generation Tools To Get Your Strategy Off The Ground

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B2b lead generation tools money maker
B2b lead generation tools money maker


The goal of AWeber is to use email marketing to nurture your leads down the sales funnel. It makes it simple for even the smallest businesses to develop a successful email marketing plan. You'll be able to find the appropriate combination for your audience with a wide choice of email templates, mobile-friendly and adaptable designs, and testing features.

After you've imported or created your email list, you can segment it to match your needs using the AWeber platform. Create autoresponders and automated marketing emails to keep your audience engaged and nourished depending on their previous actions.

AWeber is designed to work effortlessly with a variety of applications, ensuring that your daily routine is not disrupted.

Pricing: $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers, with upgrade possibilities dependent on subscriber count.


B2b lead generation tools instapage
B2b lead generation tools instapage

Landing pages, including thank you pages, are what Instapage is all about when it comes to converting website visitors into leads.

Nearly 200 landing page templates are available, or you can use the drag and drop builder to construct your own from scratch if you know precisely what you want. Create an element once with its Instablocks functionality, and then reuse it across several landing pages.

With over 40 integrations, Instapages is almost certain to work well with your other products. Furthermore, A/B testing and analytics enable you to test and analyze numerous areas of your site to verify you're on the right track.

The basic package costs $99 per month. For pricing on the company's Enterprise package, give them a call.

Lead Forensics

How many potential leads visit your landing page but do not complete the form? Do you want to find out who they are? This is where the field of Lead Forensics comes into play.

Lead Forensics delivers insights into your audience with its simple platform. This contains information about visitors, their company, the number of times they've visited your site, the products they've looked at, and the CTAs they've clicked.

You'll have a good idea of who is viewing your site and enough information to contact them when the moment is right. Lead scoring is another useful tool that allows you to concentrate your efforts on the most promising prospects.

Once you have all of this information, use email campaigns and other B2B marketing methods to nurture these leads into loyal customers.

Pricing information is available upon request.


Calls to action are an important aspect of any lead generation campaign, and OptinMonster recognizes this by offering a wide range of CTA choices at a fair price.

OptinMonster has everything you need to make your campaign a success, from pop-ups and slide-ins to inline and floating bars. Choose from any of OptinMonster's configurable themes, animate your pop-up to grab your audience's attention, and even set up A/B testing to see what works best after you have your offer lined up and ready to go.

Once you've perfected your CTA, use Optin's targeting options to ensure that the correct people see it. You can target people depending on their location, URL path, pages seen, and even the day or month they were born. The possibilities are unlimited, and you have complete control over your campaign.

Pricing: The Basic plan starts at $19 per month, with upgrades available.


B2b lead generation tools wistia
B2b lead generation tools wistia

Video content is exploding in popularity in the digital marketing world, and it's shown to be an effective lead generation strategy. Wistia's platform is a paid product that can assist make video creation less stressful.

Wistia is a name you can trust in the video space, with over 300,000 businesses using it. It was created with businesses in mind, and it allows users to produce, host, manage, distribute, and measure each video they make. You may also quickly and easily embed your movie on any website.

The platform's most appealing feature is its ability to be customized. Customize the video player to match your brand's aesthetic, and place CTAs within the video to direct viewers to where you want them to go. It has a Turnstile function that allows you to gate your video material according on your lead generation approach.

Their advanced analytics features also allow you to track every part of your video, even down to which seconds of the video are the most engaging for your viewers.

Pricing: The first three films are free, with a Pro plan starting at $99/month and an Advanced Plan starting at $199/month (call for pricing)


The SlideShare platform was created to encourage people to share their knowledge online. Create and share visually stunning and engaging presentations that address the pain areas of your prospects. It gives you the ability to produce almost anything, from a how-to guide to a thought-provoking analysis of industry trends.

SlideShare has been referred to as the "YouTube" of the B2B world, and for good cause. It is one of the largest online groups for discussing a variety of business topics.

SlideShare also works nicely with other platforms, providing you with valuable information about how visitors interact with your content. It's made to help you understand and increase your audience.

The cost is nothing.


This is an excellent CRM at an extremely low pricing point. It provides everything your sales team needs to take leads to the next stage of the buyer's journey.

Set up particular activities and follow-ups in response to specific actions from your leads using their automation tool. With the ability to visually chart your leads' path and optimize the nurturing process, you can keep track of them as soon as they enter the funnel. Finally, the reports tool provides insight into how your team is performing and suggested areas for improvement.

Pricing: The Starter Plan costs $19 per month, with a $35 per month upgrade to the Pro Plan. Pricing for Pro Plus is available upon request.


B2b lead generation tools leadsquared
B2b lead generation tools leadsquared

You'll see right away that this program has two different plans: marketing automation and sales, as well as mobile CRM.

Landing pages, lead scoring, email campaigns, and processes are all available through marketing automation.

Lead qualification and scoring, sales monitoring, and email marketing are all available on the Sales and Mobile CRM side.

Both of these packages have a number of quite useful features.

The drip marketing tool allows you to set up a full campaign to nurture leads automatically, sending emails only after they've opened and interacted with prior emails.

Its lead scoring function use machine learning to distinguish between hot and cold leads. This allows you to focus on prospects that have the best potential of becoming clients.

Marketing Automation plans begin at $150 per month, while Sales and Mobile CRM plans begin at $25 per month.

Visual Visitor

Do you want a more accurate view of your site's visitors? It's simple to see why Visual Visitor is touted as an Anonymous Visitor identification tool. It gives you access to a plethora of information about your site users, including as their geographic location, the devices they use, the pages they visit, and the amount of time they spend there. It even notifies you about the company and social media profiles of your visitors so you can get a full picture of who they are.

The information is provided to you in real time. Your sales staff will have more power to engage your visitors and move them down the funnel within moments of viewing your site if they have this information.

Your present routine will not be disrupted, but rather enhanced, thanks to Visual Visitor's ability to interact with major CRMs.

Pricing begins at $59 per month.


Leadpages is a complete lead generating toolset that includes everything you'll need, including templates, CTA pop-ups, analytics, and simple audience targeting.

With LeadPages' landing page builder, you can create unique landing pages that are tailored to your company's needs. Alternatively, you can select from over 100 templates that can be filtered by industry.

Leadboxes, pop-up CTAs that lead people to a specific page, can help you increase engagement with your landing pages.

LeadPages provides in-depth data, allowing you to trace every dollar spent and demonstrate the return on your investment. You'll be able to track the development of every aspect of your lead generation plan, including specific pages, campaigns, and pop-ups, so you can focus on what works and improve what doesn't.

Pricing: The Standard Plan is $25 per month, with the opportunity to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $48 per month or the Advanced Plan for $199 per month.


B2b lead generation tools linked in
B2b lead generation tools linked in

LinkedIn is a fantastic B2B lead generation tool in and of itself. However, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a subscription service, gives you access to a wealth of information about your target market. Its findings help you target the people you wish to reach. It's simple to find, contact, and engage prospects, referrals, and customers. You'll be notified when someone views your profile so you can respond. Its InMail System makes contacting them simple.

Use its search engine to sift through LinkedIn's database for the most promising lead generating possibilities, store them, and keep an eye on them for changes. When you have a good list of prospects, you may begin contacting them.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides real-time updates on leads and companies, such as job changes, so you can tailor your outreach to the most promising opportunities.

You can send messages through LinkedIn's InMail platform using "credits." And if you plot right and your audience responds, you earn extra credits to utilize in the future, so taking your time and crafting meaningful messages pays off big time.

The Professional Plan is $64.99 per month, with the opportunity to upgrade to the Team Plan for $99.99 per month. For pricing on an Enterprise Plan, please contact us.


Do you want to expand your email list? If that's the case, Sumo could be a fantastic fit for your company. Sumo is one of the more cost-effective choices on the market, with a free option that you can use until you reach 200 subscribers.

Sumo has a lot of useful features to entice your audience, in addition to its budget-friendly price points. It has social network integration, as well as configurable themes and branding possibilities.

Make eye-catching pop-ups and forms to entice website visitors to join your email list. Many popular email providers, such as MailChimp, Hubspot, and AWeber, are also seamlessly integrated with Sumo. This provides you the freedom to expand and engage with your mailing list.

Pricing: Up to 200 members are free, after which the Professional plan costs $39 per month.


Webinars and other live events are excellent ways to engage your audience. Attendees interact with you in a very genuine way and see your expertise in action, rather than reading a dry how-to manual.

Zoom is a video conferencing software that provides everything you need for a successful meeting, including a variety of administrative controls, for a low cost.

Zoom's Basic plan, which is completely free, is one of its most appealing features. It allows you to host up to 100 people for a total of 40 minutes, with the same audio and video quality as premium customers.

The ability to share screens, record meetings, collaborate on a whiteboard, and get customer assistance are just a few of the main features included or accessible as add-ons.

Zoom also has a webinar bundle that allows you to host events with up to 100 interactive participants and 10,000 attendees. To publicize your event, create customized registration forms and emails. Once your event starts, Zoom provides you with a number of interactive options to keep your audience engaged, including as audience polling, Q&A, and attentiveness indicators.

Pricing: Up to 100 people are free, with the opportunity to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $14.99, Business Plan for $19.99, or Enterprise Plan for $29.99. (call for pricing).


B2b lead generation tools sharpspring
B2b lead generation tools sharpspring

Sharpspring is a marketing automation platform that runs on the cloud. What exactly does this imply? It integrates several essential aspects of other programs into one, easy-to-use location, giving you all the tools you need to organize, manage, and nurture leads.

Create your own landing pages (using templates or the builder), complete with forms to collect whatever information you require. Then use dynamic and static lists to organize all of that data.

Create visual workflows that are fully automated in advance with unique triggers and actions, allowing you to exit with high-quality leads.

Sharpspring's email template collection allows you to send powerful, professional emails every time, while also allowing you to track and analyze each interaction from the moment you hit send. Send a mass email to all of your contacts on a list (such as a newsletter), or choose a small group of people to receive special promotional emails.

Sharpspring walks you through the entire process, from generating leads to organizing and nurturing them until they become customers.

Pricing: Starts at $450 per month for 1,500 contacts, with options to upgrade to 10,000 contacts for $650 per month or 20,000 contacts for $875 per month. Pricing for agencies and enterprises is available upon request.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot has a reputation for being a leading authority in inbound marketing, and its CRM lives up to that. Hubspot's CRM is a simple-to-use and cost-effective alternative for any company that is just getting started with CRM in marketing and sales.

Hubspot's CRM organizes your customer communications data into simple contact and company profiles. It also assigns and tracks all of your deals so that salespeople may focus on what they do best.

The CRM won't disrupt your daily routine thanks to its ability to link with a variety of website, phone, and email tools. It will just assist in stepping it up a level.

Free of charge

Hubspot has a reputation for being a leading authority in inbound marketing, and its CRM lives up to that. Hubspot's CRM is a simple-to-use and cost-effective alternative for any company that is just getting started with CRM in marketing and sales.

Hubspot's CRM organizes your customer communications data into simple contact and company profiles. It also assigns and tracks all of your deals so that salespeople may focus on what they do best.

The CRM won't disrupt your daily routine thanks to its ability to link with a variety of website, phone, and email tools. It will just assist in stepping it up a level.

Free of charge


Forms are a crucial component of any landing page. Customizable fonts and colors, particular question types, and buttons to enhance the appearance and feel of your forms are all factors that LeadFormly knows will increase your lead generating potential.

Advanced conditional logic allows you to customize your form to each website visitor who fills it out. If a visitor answers "Yes" to the question of whether or not they own a business, you may design your form to display further questions, such as the size of the company, its industry, and its earnings.

It integrates effortlessly with over 600 CRMs, landing page builders, and other lead generating platforms, allowing you to go about your business as usual. It also comes with built-in statistics, so you can keep track of what works and what doesn't.

Pricing: The Essential Plan costs $37 per month, with the Growth Plan costing $74 per month and the Team Plan costing $149 per month.


Unbounce has a number of high-quality features that are designed to improve your conversion rate.

The landing page builder on Unbounce provides you with all of the tools and templates you'll need to create a professionally designed, highly engaging landing page. Don't see what you're looking for? No issue, because to its drag-and-drop technology, you can construct the precise landing page you want.

Do you want to send people to your landing page? To enhance interaction, Unbounce provides tools for creating pop-ups and sticky bars on your website.

Are you stumped as to what will work? Unbounce allows you to A/B test your sites to see which mix of elements works best for your target audience. It interacts smoothly with a variety of other products, like Pardot, Constant Contact, and HubSpot, ensuring that your daily routine is not disrupted.

Pricing: The Essential Plan costs $79 per month, with a Premium Plan costing $159 per month. There's also a $399+ per month Enterprise Plan.

Moblie Monkey

B2b lead generation tools mobile monkey
B2b lead generation tools mobile monkey

Moblie Monkey is a Facebook Messenger chatbot platform that lets you build chatbots, interact with your audience, segment contact lists, and increase your list.

Choose a template or create your own bot from start with its chatbot builder. There are two ways that these chatbots work. Create a dialogue box with a greeting message and a few brief questions on the first page. Create a Q&A that employs an if/then paradigm to detect questions that your audience might ask and lets you to prepare a pre-written response for each.

The Chat Blaster function in Mobile Monkey allows you to generate a message and broadcast it to all of your contacts or a segmented list.

Another useful tool is drip campaigns, which allow you to schedule communications with pre-determined actions based on how your audience interacts. This functionality can be used to provide a download, arrange a call, or further segregate your list for later use.

The technology used by Mobile Monkey isn't limited to Facebook Messenger. You can utilize any bot you design directly on your website. To direct prospects back to your Facebook Messenger bot, create and use links in any campaign that isn't on Facebook.

Pricing: The basic plan is free, but you can upgrade to the Pro Plan for $49 a month.


Would you like to have real-time interaction with your audience? Answer the prospect's inquiries and show that you care about them?

Intercom is a messaging platform at its core. It also allows you to track and categorize customers, employ bots to qualify leads, chat in real time, and provide support and retention to current clients.

Intercom combines a number of functions into one, transforming it from a simple messaging service to a customer-engagement platform. From one single platform, you can better understand your consumers and their behavior, engage with them, and support them.

Pricing: The Essentials Plan is $87 per month, with the opportunity to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $153 per month.


B2b lead generation tools canva
B2b lead generation tools canva

Canva has already been included in our article on PR tools as a graphic design tool, but we believe it warrants another mention here. Infographics, checklists, and booklets are some of the best B2B lead generating offers you can make. But what is it about these that appeals to you? Visuals. Your boring infographic can be transformed into a top-of-the-line lead generation offer with the use of colorful images and features.

Canva makes it simple to design eye-catching graphics. To develop an appealing and original design, it contains pre-sized formats, templates, limitless color options, and thousands of free elements. The number of design options available with the free membership is incredible, and it allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from the power of visuals.

Canva, in case you hadn't guessed, is a must-have tool for anyone creating content, whether it's gated or not.

Canva Pro is available for $12.95 per month and is available for free.

Top 5 B2B Lead Generation Tools

The B2B communications tools you choose will play a crucial part in creating B2B leads and impacting your bottom line, no matter where you are in your lead generation plan. We hope that these 20 lead generation tools empower you to take command of your lead creation efforts.

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation is the process of locating and attracting the right consumers for your product or service. For B2B sales and marketing teams, it's a must-do activity.

What Are B2B Marketing Strategies?

Any marketing approach or content directed toward a business or organization is referred to as B2B (business-to-business) marketing. B2B marketing methods are used by any company that sells products or services to other businesses or organizations (rather than consumers).

What Is Lead Scraper?

A lead scraper is a useful tool for searching the internet for leads. Web scraping is the process of extracting data from a website automatically. The user enters a URL, from which the scraper gathers data. The data may be simply downloaded and shared around a team once it has been extracted.

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