20 Powerful B2B Lead Generation Tools You Need to Use

Posted by Wendy Marx

15 Powerful B2B Lead Generation Tools You Need to Use (1)-1

B2B lead generation strategies include many moving parts, from creating attractive offers, calls to action, and landing pages, to nurturing leads after they download your offer. The right lead generation tools can take the stress out of this whole process -- and allow you to focus on making your business the best it can be.

You can find tools for each and every stage of your lead generation journey, including:

  • Offer creation tools
  • Lead capture tools
  • Landing page tools
  • Lead nurturing tools

Learn how to get more B2B leads with that right tools to grow your strategy. Let's look at some of the industry's top tools and how they can enhance your B2B lead generation strategies.

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20 Must-Have B2B Lead Generation Tools to Kickstart Your Strategy

Offer Creation Tools

Offer Creation Tools (1)

1. SlideShare

SlideShare's platform is designed to encourage online knowledge sharing. Create and upload visually stimulating and engaging presentations that are designed to address prospects' pain points. It gives you the power to create virtually anything, from a how-to guide, to an insightful commentary about industry trends.

SlideShare has at times been referred to as the Youtube of the B2B landscape -- and for good reason. It is one of the biggest communities to share any number of business topics.

SlideShare also integrates well with other platforms, giving you key insights into how people interact with your content. It's designed to learn from and grow your audience.

Pricing: Free.

2. Wistia

Video content is blowing up in the digital marketing landscape and has proven to be a great lead generation tool. Wistia's platform is a premium tool that can help take the angst out of video creation.

Used by over 300,000 businesses, Wistia is a name that you can trust in the video space. It is designed specifically for businesses and allows users to create, host, manage, share, and measure each video they create. You can also easily embed your video right onto any site.

The platform's customization options are its biggest draw. Customize the video player according to your specific brand style, and include CTAs right within the video to guide your audience where you would like them to go. Its Turnstile feature is a bonus, allowing you to gate your video content according to your lead generation strategy.

Their sophisticated analytics features also allow you to track every aspect of your video, down to which seconds of the video have the biggest draw for your audience.

Pricing: Free for the first 3 videos, with a Pro plan starting at $99/month and an Advanced Plan (call for pricing)

3. Zoom

Live events like webinars are great way to engage your audience. Instead of reading a dry how-to manual, attendees interact with you in a very real way and see your expertise in action. 

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that gives you everything you need for a successful meeting -- including a host of administrative controls -- with very reasonable price points. 

One of the biggest draws to Zoom is its Basic plan, which is absolutely free. It allows you to host up to 100 participants for a maximum of 40 minutes, with the same audio and video quality that paid users receive.

Some key features included or available as add-ons are the ability to share screens, record meetings, a collaborative whiteboard, and customer support.

Zoom also offers a webinar package, which allows you to have up to 100 interactive participants and up to 10,000 attendees in each event. Create branded registration forms and emails for your event to promote your event. Once your event begins, Zoom offers you a variety of interactive tools to engage your audience, including audience polling, Q & A, and attention indicators.

Pricing: Free for up to 100 participants, with an option to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $14.99, Business plan for $19.99 and Enterprise plan (call for pricing).

4. Canva

We've spoken of Canva before as a graphic design tool in our blog on PR tools, but we feel it deserves another mention here. Some of the best offers you can create for B2B lead generation are infographics, checklists, and ebooks. But what makes these appealing? Visuals. Colorful graphics and elements can take your boring infographic and make it a top-of-the-line lead generation offer. 

Canva makes it easy to create appealing visuals. It includes pre-sized formats, templates, endless color options, and thousands of free elements to create an engaging and unique design. The amount of design options that you can access with the free membership is absolutely astounding and opens the door for businesses of any size to tap into the power of visuals.

In case you couldn't guess, we think that Canva is a must-have tool whenever you're creating content, whether it's gated or not.

Pricing: Free, with an option to upgrade to Canva Pro for $12.95/month.

Lead Capture Tools

Lead Capture Tools

5. OptinMonster

Calls to action are a vital part of any lead generation strategy -- and OptinMonster understands this, with a variety of CTA options, all available at a reasonable price point.

From pop-ups and slide-ins to inline and floating bars, OptinMonster has everything you need to make your campaign a success. Once you have your offer lined up and ready to go, choose from any of OptinMonster's customizable templates, animate your pop-up to grab your audience's attention, and even set up A/B testing to determine what works best.

Once you've created your CTA exactly how you want it, tap into Optin's targeting features to make sure that the right people see it. You can  target your audience based on location, URL path, pages viewed, and even what day or month it is. The options are endless and put you in full control of your campaign.

Pricing: Starts at $19/month for its Basic plan, with options to upgrade.

6. Sumo

Looking to grow your email list? Then Sumo might be a good fit for your brand. With a free option that you can use until you reach 200 subscribers, Sumo is one of the more economical options on the market.

Apart from its budget-friendly price points, Sumo also has a variety of helpful features to attract your audience. It offers customizable templates and branding options, as well as social media integration.

Create attractive pop-ups and forms that encourage website visitors to subscribe to your email list. Sumo also integrates seamlessly with many common email services, such as MailChimp, Hubspot, and AWeber. This gives you the flexibility to grow and engage with your list.

Pricing: Free for up to 200 subscribers, and then $39/month for its Professional plan.

7. Intercom

Would you like the ability to interact with your audience in real-time? Answer prospect's questions and show some personal interest?

Intercom is at its core a messaging platform. But it also gives you the power to track and segment customers, use bots to qualify leads, chat in real time, and support and retain current customers. 

Intercom integrates several features into one, which catapults it from a simple messaging service, into a customer-engagement tool. Understand your customers and their behavior better, communicate easily and support them, all from one simple platform.

Pricing:  $87/month for its Essentials Plan, with an option to upgrade to its Pro Plan for $153/month.

8. LeadForensics

How many potential leads view your landing page without filling out your form? Would you like to know who they are? This is where Lead Forensics comes in.

With its easy-to-use platform, Lead Forensics provides insights into your audience. This includes information about visitors, their company, how often they've visited your site, what products they've viewed, and which CTAs they've clicked.

You'll get a solid picture of who is visiting your site and enough information to reach out at the appropriate time. Another cool feature is lead scoring, which allows you to focus your attention on your hot leads.

Once you have all of this information, get to work nurturing these leads into loyal clients through email campaigns and other B2B marketing strategies.

Pricing: Available upon request.

9. Mobile Monkey

Moblie Monkey is a Facebook Messenger chatbot platform which allows you to create chatbots, engage with your audience, segment contact lists, and grow your list.

With its chatbot builder, choose a template or build your own bot from scratch. These chatbots function in one of two ways. One,  create a dialogue box, with a welcoming message and quick questions. Two,  create a Q & A, which uses an if/then model to detect questions that your audience might ask, and allows you to formulate a pre-written response to each.

Mobile Monkey's Chat Blaster feature allows you to create a message and send it out to either all of your contacts or a segmented list.

Drip campaigns are another helpful feature, allowing you to schedule messages, with pre-set actions depending on how your audience engages. Use this feature to offer a download, schedule a conversation, or further segment your list to be used later.

Mobile Monkey's technology is not limited to Facebook Messenger. Take any bot you create and use it right on your website as well. Create and use links in any campaign off of Facebook to direct prospects back to your Facebook Messenger bot.

Pricing: Free, with an option to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $49/month.

10. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn itself is a powerful lead generation tool for B2B. But with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, its paid service, you have access to a deep well of data about your target audience. Its insights pinpoint which people you want to target. Finding, contacting, and engaging prospects, referrals, and customers is a snap. You'll be notified of people who visited your profile so you can engage. Its InMail System makes it easy to reach out to them. 

Use its search engine to filter through LinkedIn's database to find the most viable prospects for your lead generation, save them, and monitor them for changes. When you have a healthy list of prospects, you can start reaching out to them.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers live updates on leads and companies, such as job changes so you can time you're communications to likely opportunities.

LinkedIn gives you "credits" to send messages through their InMail platform. And if you strategize correctly and your audience responds, you earn more credits to use down the road -- so it definitely pays to take your time and create meaningful messages.

Pricing: $64.99/month for the Professional Plan, with the option to upgrade to the Team Plan for $99.99/month Contact for pricing for an Enterprise Plan.

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Landing Page Tools

Landing Page Tools (1)

11. Unbounce

Unbounce incorporates a number of high-quality features, with the goal of increasing your conversion rate.

Unbounce's landing page builder gives you all the tools and templates you need to create a professionally-designed, highly engaging landing page. Don't see quite what you want? No problem -- its drag-and-drop technology allows you to create exactly the landing page you desire.

Want to direct your traffic to your landing page? Unbounce offers tools to create pop-ups and sticky bars within your site to increase engagement.

Not sure what will work? Unbounce  lets you A/B test your pages to discover what combination works the best for your audience.It integrates seamlessly with many other products, such as Pardot, Constant Contact and HubSpot, so you can be sure your normal routine won't be interrupted.

Pricing: $79/month for its Essential Plan, with an option to upgrade to a Premium Plan for $159/month. There is also an Enterprise Plan for $399+ a month.

12. LeadPages

Leadpages is a fully-equipped lead generation toolkit -- with everything you need, from templates, CTA pop-ups, analytics, and easy audience targeting. 

Create custom-built landing pages that fit your brand's needs with LeadPages' landing page builder. Or choose from over 100 templates, which you can filter by industry. 

Increase engagement with your landing pages with the use of Leadboxes, pop-up CTAs to direct traffic to a specific page.

LeadPages offers in-depth analytics so you can track every dollar you spend and prove the ROI of your efforts. Pinpoint the progress of every facet of your lead generation strategy -- individual pages, campaigns, and pop-ups -- leaving you to focus on what works and improve what doesn't. 

Pricing: $25/month for its Standard Plan, with an option to upgrade to its Pro Plan for $48/month and an Advanced Plan for $199/month.

13. Instapage

Instapage is all about landing pages, including thank you pages, to convert your website visitors into leads.

Among its features are close to 200 landing page templates -- or, if you know exactly what you want, you can create your own landing page from scratch with its drag and drop builder. Use its Instablocks feature to create an element once, and then use that same element across multiple landing pages.

With over 40 integrations, you're almost guaranteed that Instapages will play nicely with your other tools. And A/B testing and analytics gives you the power to test and monitor multiple aspects of your site to ensure you're on the right path.

Pricing: $99/month for its core plan. Call for pricing on its Enterprise plan.

14. LeadFormly

Forms are an important part of any landing page. LeadFormly know what ingredients in a form increase your lead generation potential -- including customizable fonts and colors, specific question styles, and buttons to enhance the look and feel of your forms.

Advanced conditional logic lets you tailor your form to the needs of each website visitor who fills it out. For example, if a visitor says that "Yes" they own their own business, you could create your form to reveal other, follow-up questions, such as company size, industry, and earnings.

It fits seamlessly in with over 600 different CRMs, landing page builders, and other lead generation tools, so everything can be business as usual. And its built-in analytics allows you to keep track of what works and ditch what doesn't.

Pricing: $37/month for their Essential Plan, with an option to upgrade to its Growth Plan for $74/month and $149/month for its Team Plan

15. Visual Visitor

Want a better picture of your site visitors? Visual Visitor is marketed as an Anonymous Visitor identification tool, and it's easy to see why. It provides access to a wealth of data about your site visitors, including their geographic location, devices they use, what pages they've viewed, and the time they spend on your site. It even tells you company information and social media profiles so you get a complete picture of your visitors.

The data is delivered to you in real time. Armed with such information, your sales team has more power to engage your visitors and move them down the funnel within moments of viewing your site.

With the ability to integrate Visual Visitor with most CRMs, your current routine won't be interrupted -- merely enhanced. 

Pricing: Starts at $59/month

Lead Nurturing & Management Tools

Lead Nurturing Tools (1)

16. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot has been lauded as a leading expert in inbound marketing -- and its CRM doesn't fall short of this reputation. Hubspot's CRM is an easy-to-use and budget-friendly option for any business who is just starting to use a CRM in its marketing and sales.

Hubspot's CRM organizes the data from your customer communications into easy-to-read contact and company profiles. It also assigns and tracks all of your deals, so sales agents can simply focus on their job. 

With the ability to integrate with many website, phone, and email apps, the CRM won't interrupt your normal routine. It will simply help to kick it up a notch.

Pricing: Free

17. AWeber

AWeber is all about using email marketing to nurture your leads down the funnel. It makes it easy for even the newest of brands to create an effective email marketing strategy. Equipped with a wide range of email templates, mobile-friendly and responsive designs, and testing features, you'll be able to find the right mix for your audience.

Once you've imported or built your email list, you can use the AWeber platform to segment it to fit your needs. Create autoresponders and automated marketing emails that will ensure your audience is engaged and nurtured based on pre-set behaviors.

AWeber is designed to integrate seamlessly with many applications to make sure that your normal routine won't be disturbed.

Pricing: $19/month for up to 500 subscribers, with upgrade options based on the number of your subscribers.

18. Leadsquared

Right off the bat, you'll notice that this tool comes in two separate plans -- marketing automation and sales and mobile CRM.

On the marketing automation side, you'll get access to landing pages, lead scoring, email campaigns, and workflows. 

On the Sales and Mobile CRM side, you'll receive lead qualification and scoring, sales tracking, and email campaigns.

There are several highly valuable features in both of these packages. 

The drip marketing tool helps you create an entire campaign to automatically nurture leads -- and only send emails when leads have opened and engaged with previous emails.

its lead scoring feature uses machine learning to identify leads that are hot and those which aren't. This lets you attend to leads that have the best chance to convert into clients.

Pricing:  Marketing Automation Plans start at $150/month, and Sales and Mobile CRM Plans start at $25/month.

19. Sharpspring

Sharpspring is a cloud-based tool for marketing automation. What does this mean? It gives you all the tools to organize, manage, and nurture leads, integrating several key features of other tools into one, easy place.

Create your own landing pages (either with templates or their builder), with forms that allow you to capture any information you need. Then organize all of that information with dynamic and static lists.

Create visual workflows, completely automated ahead of time with custom triggers and actions, allowing you to come out the other side with high-quality leads.

Use Sharpspring's library of email templates to create powerful, professional emails every time -- letting you track and analyze each interaction from the moment you hit send. Send out blast emails to all of your contacts on a  list (such as a newsletter), or carefully choose a specific group of contacts to receive special promotional emails.

Sharpspring takes you through the whole process, from acquiring leads, to organizing and nurturing those leads until they become your clients.

Pricing: Starts at $450 for 1,500 contacts, with an option to upgrade to 10,000 contacts for $650/month and $875/month for 20,000 contacts. Agency and Enterprise pricing available upon request.

20. Nutshell

This is a superb CRM at an extraordinarily affordable price point. It gives your sales team everything they need to move leads into the next phase of the buyer's journey. 

Use their automation feature to set up certain actions and follow-ups in response to specific actions from your leads. Keep track of your leads as soon as they enter the funnel with the ability to visually map their journey and  improve the nurturing process. And, finally, the reports feature gives you insight into how your team is doing and possible weak areas where you can improve.

Pricing: $19/month for the Starter Plan, with an option to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $35/month. Pro Plus pricing available upon request.

In review...

20 Powerful B2B Lead Generation Tools

Whatever point you're at in your lead generation strategy, the B2B communications tools you choose will play a key role in generating B2B leads and impacting your bottom line. We hope these 20 lead generation tools give you the power to take control of your lead generation.

Want to know more about lead generation? Check out our free ebook, 30 Proven Tips & Tactics to Get New Leads for more insights into lead generation best practices.

Click here to get the free ebook: 30 Proven Tips and Tactics to Get New Leads.

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