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Top 16 B2B Lead Generation Services In 2021


The success and growth of your B2B business depends on maintaining a hot, qualified pipeline complete. But it can be hard to find the time to stay on top of your lead generation strategy between running your business and keeping your customers pleased. This is why so many enterprises benefit from leading manufacturers.

How To Do Lead Generation (free course)

You can partners with a lead generation firm B2B to keep your pipeline filled rather than repeat your "fest or famine" cycle. You will spread the word and/or utilize a variety of different means to reach and attract your ideal audience.


Belkins is a leading B2B generation company that manages all steps of the customer's retail funnel, including developing customized sales leadership lists and arranging eligible B2B appointments. Its team of experts integrates digital solutions with advanced technology and produces a customized approach for each business, with more than 790 customers throughout the world currently helping.

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Belkins is determined to produce a predictable result - they guarantee the minimum amount of meetings reserved. They can aid you in general:

  • Termination with perspectives that become deals.
  • Research on manual lead (based on your Ideal Customer Profile).
  • Establish a strong Linkedin Influencer Program brand awareness campaign.
  • Protect your spam emails + increase Folderly delivery.


The CIENCE is PaaS, a company working with B2B companies to produce high-quality leads. CIENCE is a service company. Their objective is to test and test various techniques to help companies in developing long-term partnerships and perspectives.

Cience logo
Cience logo

With over 550 individuals, their team delivers lead generation, conversion optimization, voice services, CRM consultancy etc. How do your services of lead production work? Take it yourself from your website:

“Our turnkey approach enables clients to launch sequenced campaigns to targeted audiences in as little as 10 business days with dedicated SDR Teams. From there, we constantly optimize and refine our approach to bring qualified appointments to your organization, consistently. It’s managed, affordable growth -virtually on-demand.” – CIENCE

SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads is a service that supports companies in the first stage of the sales cycle, leading B2B generation and scheduling. They examine the target market of your company, design a strategy for engaging decision-makers, and get you to make an appeal.

SalesPro Leads logo
SalesPro Leads logo

Because SalesPro Leads brings more than an hour of industry knowledge to give highly qualified sales information, it is considered one of the top B2B leading generators.

Visitor Queue

Get more B2B pilot leads from your website into your box with Visitor Queue - a leading generation driver.

Visitor Queue logo
Visitor Queue logo

Were you aware that 98 percent of visitors to the internet depart your site on average without contacting you? You may identify the name, location, and contact information of those enterprises with Visitor Queue, in order to monitor them immediately. In addition, the initial user design makes it easy to set up a Visitor Queue to rapidly produce leads.

VSA, Inc.

VSA, Inc. is a voice service specialist B2B telesales organization. They mostly work with mid-market companies who wish to create more leads. They also offer arrangement services so that you can make a call immediately.

VSA Inc. logo
VSA Inc. logo

To reserve appointments, please use the VSA to focus your sales staff on sales. Hold your pipeline complete and track the outlook as fast as you can so that you can conclude the deal.


LeadGen.com delivers leading generation, as its name implies. They offer a comprehensive range of solutions to assist companies dominate sales and marketing. Here are only a few of LeadGen.com's many solutions:

  • B2B lead generation
  • Staffing services
  • Marketing strategy
  • Cold calling training
  • Consulting
  • Appointment setting
  • Data mining
LeadGen.com logo
LeadGen.com logo

LeadGen.com offers a free appraisal to see whether their services suit your business and to get a personalized quotation depending on your requirements.


By inbound marketing and search engine optimization, Striventa delivers B2B lead creation. Striventa works closely with you, more like an agency, to attract your ideal prospects, while it's not as close and forgotten as the other organizations.

Striventa logo
Striventa logo

Striventa works with small and medium-sized enterprises, which seek to increase their marketing efforts. It's time to have Striventa on your side, if your firm has hit a plateau.


Vsynergize is a global provider of marketing and sales services with offices worldwide. Day and night, their team of over 300 staff help B2B companies book appointments with decision makers in their sector.

Vsynergize logo
Vsynergize logo

However, their services to the call center are only the tip of the iceberg. They also provide back-office services to companies in the financial services, telecoms and medical sectors. You can partner with them to promote e-mails, support them and to market content.


OutboundView is another marketing agency which helps customers with lead generation and appointments. They offer a variety of helpful solutions for starting, scaling and growing B2B firms.

OutboundView logo
OutboundView logo

OutboundView also gives purchase intent data to give you a list of leads that have expressed an intention to purchase. You only need to keep track of the trade and close it!


It's hard to select which one is right for you with so many big B2B generation companies. Therefore, we highly encourage you to compare different functions and go with the organization that is best suited to what you want.

Leadroot logo
Leadroot logo

Leadroot offers BPO services, voice, direct marketing, email marketing, etc. If you are a small to medium-sized company, this could be the appropriate match for you, as it can deal with almost every aspect of your marketing strategy.


In that they offer live call and internet chat services, Smith.ai is a bit different from the other lead generating firms of B2B. Smith.ai can interact, answer inquiries and move visitors through the sales station using Artificial Intelligence. Until your sales crew is ready to monitor your questions.

Smithai logo
Smithai logo

You may wish to consider adding live chat to catch your attention if the individuals visit your website, but don't act.


XACT is a telecom startup which enables B2B companies to book and monitor appointments without keeping the salesmen on the phone. Instead, XACT books your appeals, providing a customized touch without distracting your sales force from what is really important: selling.

Xact logo
Xact logo

XACT also offers additional services, including (but not limited to):

  • HelpDesk and call filtering
  • Web support
  • Service and support dispatch
  • Disaster recovery
  • Consulting


Although the majority of organizations on this list focus on lead generation, SalesRoads offers full-cycle sales services, which is a stage in the sales cycle. This means that they supply everything from lead generation to nutrition to closure.

SalesRoads logo
SalesRoads logo

Like the others, SalesRoads offers appointments, so that crucial decision-makers can be reached by telephone, whether you follow SalesRoads or your sales team. Moreover, you can check out your autopilot earnings from SDR outsourcing.


SalesAladin, like Striventa, mostly acts as an agency that deals with many parts of its web marketing. Their focus however is the production of B2B lead, pitching and commitment.

SalesAladin logo
SalesAladin logo

You can outsource marketing and sales totally for your business in collaboration with SalesAladin. This reduces costs dramatically and keeps your pipeline complete, even when your team is too busy to remain at the top of lead production.

Martal Group

For good reason, Martal Group has made the highest numbers of the "Best B2B lead generation firms." They are one of North America's leading generation agencies, aiding many companies without breaking the cash.

Martal Group logo
Martal Group logo

They also offer inbound marketing, outbound marketing and customer care in addition to the normal lead generation services. Get the information you seek while your existing customers are delighted.


Callbox is the leading B2B services provider with worldwide confidence in small and medium-sized enterprises. They help B2B companies in a variety of industries to obtain high-quality leads and book appointments with the best prospects.

With their 3-in-1 offerings, they make it straightforward: marketing, leadership and appointments. See your whole case study library for outcomes for other B2B companies.

What Are Lead Generation Services?

Where previous marketing strategies such as e-mail blasts were sufficient to attain clients, increased competition and wealth of information make tracking, communication and engagement with potential customers more difficult for organizations. Lead generation allows organizations to foster marketing aims until they are ready to purchase, in order to stimulate and attract interests in a product or service for building the sales funnel. Lead generation can be important both for the B2C and B2B spaces for any sort or size of organization. 60% of traders say lead creation is a big pain in their business.

It is harder to determine a good lead than to target those who have received your white paper, and it is essential that your sales representatives do not waste time on calling for unskilled leads when the pool can be reduced. Determining a good lead is more involved than simply targeting the people who downloaded your white paper and, when there are techniques to reduce the pool, your sales representatives do not waste their time contacting for unqualified leads.

You raise awareness of the brand, create relationships, produce skilled leads and ultimately seal agreements by implementing a leading generation campaign. The higher quality leads you to direct your sales team, the more sales you get. You help your firm to expand and increase your Marketing Department's credibility by displaying actual results and demonstrating that you are a valuable member of the revenue team.

Lead generation has long been around, but approaches have shifted from discovering a customer early in his sales journey and transferring the sales force. The self-directed purchaser is overflowing with information, therefore fresh, creative ways to cut static and reach potential buyers are important. Installers have to rely on being found and establish relationships with their purchasers instead of locating their clients through mass advertisement and email blasts. Marketing undergoes a huge transition in the age of information abundance.

What Are The Benefits Of B2B Lead Generation?

Benefits of Outsourced B2B Lead Generation

  • You'll Talk to Those Who Matter.
  • Focus on Less Energy-Intensive Work.
  • Your Team Will Have the Right Technology.
  • There's Less Lead Time.
  • Lower Your Costs.
  • You Can Better Evaluate Your Results.

How Much Does A B2B Lead Cost?

Cost per lead is the average cost of marketing for a new prospect, or CPL, for short (lead). To understand how successful your efforts have been, it is crucial to monitor what your CPL means for each of your marketing channels. You'll want your consumers to spend $811 during their lifetime if, say, your company decides to run a trade show booth and your CPL is $811. You could be losing out on money if you spend less with you. If you spend more, you know you should continue to do what you do!

First, you need to total up your entire marketing expense for a certain period and the number of results you have gotten during that period to determine your CPL. Then divide the total number of companies that you spend on marketing. Your CPL is your final number. To acquire an exact number it is vital to keep the time frame the same. There is a formula:

Expenditure on total marketing ÷ Total lead counts= Cost per lead

How Do You Convert B2B Leads?

First, you need to total up your entire marketing expense for a certain period and the number of results you have gotten during that period to determine your CPL. Then divide the total number of companies that you spend on marketing. Your CPL is your final number. To acquire an exact number it is vital to keep the time frame the same. There is a formula:

Expenditure on total marketing ÷ Total lead counts = Cost per lead

How Much Can I Charge Per Lead?

On average, the cost per lead in 2019 was $198. However, cost per lead differs widely depending on the industry, your target market and of course the competition in your sector.

Let’s dig deeper into these numbers and the cost influencing factors:

  • Finance $160
  • Technology $208
  • Healthcare $162
  • Manufacturing $136
  • Travel and Tourism $106
  • Retail $34
  • Education $5
  • Telecom $45
  • Marketing $99
  • Consumer Products $105
  • Media and Publishing $10
  • Non Profits $31
  • Business Services $132
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