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How To Improve B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy For Product Launch

Is there something missing from your B2B product launch strategy? If you want to improve the success of your product launch, your influencer marketing strategy could be the answer.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Sep 02, 20227.6K Shares281.8K Views

Is there something missing from your B2B product launch strategy? If you want to improve the success of your product launch, your influencer marketing strategy could be the answer.

When we incorporate influencer marketing strategies into product launches, we've seen fantastic results. It has a significant impact on not only the launch's performance, but also the brand's overall success.

But how does it function in practice?

In this article, we'll look at:

  • Why is influencer marketing a good product launch strategy?
  • How to use influencer marketing to launch a new product
  • What unique influencer marketing strategies can aid in the success of your product launch?

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Why Should You Include Influencer Marketing In Your B2B Product Launch Strategy?

B2b influencer marketing strategy product launch magnet
B2b influencer marketing strategy product launch magnet

The answer can be summarized in two words: social proof.

Influencers have built a relationship with their audience based on trust and familiarity. It's as if you've placed a trustworthy seal of approval to your product label when you bring them on board.

Influencer marketing is useful because it isn't limited to a single stage of your product launch approach. Influencer marketing is a chameleon approach, as you'll learn later in this essay. It may blend in with many aspects of your launch.

Influencer marketing, for example, can be used even before your launch is made public. Many B2B companies feel that working with influencers to improve their product before to launch is beneficial. Influencers in a certain business have unique and useful expertise to provide because they use similar items on a regular basis.

7 Brilliant Ways To Make The Most Of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy For Your Next Product Launch

Give Them A Head Start

Providing early access to your product to influencers can benefit in a variety of ways. For starters, they may provide you with honest, expert input on what you're doing well and where you might need to improve.

Encourage influencers to review your product in a written review, a blog post, or a YouTube video in exchange for early access. Include the review in your launch materials.

Work Together On Content

B2b influencer marketing strategy product launch work toghether
B2b influencer marketing strategy product launch work toghether

Influencers are well-versed in their target markets. They understand which material styles and themes work best because that is what made them an influencer in the first place. So pay attention to them. Bring them in as early as possible in the creative process.

For example, if you want to run a blog campaign to promote your new product, your influencer will likely know what their audience cares about and what topics will resonate with them.

Make A Unique Hashtag For Them To Use

Hashtags are a significant tool in modern marketing that may help you unite your social media campaign efforts. Companies of all sizes have started to apply this basic but successful strategy in their product launches, and the results have been fantastic.

How do you make a hashtag that works? A hashtag should be something like:

  • Short
  • Memorable
  • Unique
  • Emotional
  • Associated with your product

Adidas' #ORIGINALis campaign to promote their new Original product line is a wonderful illustration of this. Adidas collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Stormzy, two well-known pop culture figures. The hashtag gained a lot of traction on social media, with a lot of people using it.

Make A Competition

Suggestions for Influencer Marketing

Everyone wants to know what's in it for them, according to human nature. Create a contest with a valuable prize for the winner to take advantage of this. You may organize a contest with an influencer in which audience members submit photos of themselves using your product.

Encourage the influencer's fans and followers to provide photos of your product in action. Work with the influencer to market it, for example, "I'm working with ABC firm to debut its product XYZ — and ABC is giving away a free 3-month subscription to the person who submits the most creative photo of the product in use."

Contests like this can help push those who are on the fence about buying certain things.

Make An Instagram Takeover For Them

Instagram is becoming an increasingly essential aspect of B2B social media marketing, which opens up a slew of new opportunities for brands, such as Instagram takeovers. An Instagram takeover, according to the social media platform Buffer, is "a temporary takeover of someone else's Instagram account and posting content with their followers."

Many businesses, including Adidas, Sephora, and Airbnb, have seen incredible success from enabling influencers to take over their feeds. It works because it establishes a strong bond of trust between you and the influencer, which attracts followers.

Establish your product launch goals with the influencer and the style of content you'd like to see in this exchange once you've chosen an influencer who fits your target and industry. They'll then create material that fits their expertise while also promoting your product.

Provide Them With Coupon Codes

B2b influencer marketing strategy product launch promo code
B2b influencer marketing strategy product launch promo code

The followers of an influencer are a devoted group. Even a devoted audience, though, responds to incentives. With discount codes offered through the influencer, give them another incentive to trust and utilize your product.

Make a roundup post including postings from a variety of influencers on a topic relevant to your product launch. Collaborate with these influencers to obtain quotations and content for the piece, and ask them to share it with their followers.

This piques the influencer's followers' curiosity and directs them to your page, where they can learn more about your product.

If you're launching a new internet security package, for example, you could write a collection post titled "9 Experts Weigh In on Internet Security Dos and Don'ts." Include a call to action that promotes the introduction of your product.

Don't Forget Trade Organizations

While you may believe you need to entice big-name celebrities, they may not have as much clout as you believe. While trade groups are old school in B2B marketing, they often have clout and influence among their members.

Look into different trade organisations in your field to see who would be ready to help you promote your new product.

How Can Influencers Promote A Product?

Businesses utilize influencer marketing to promote their products and services by working with well-known social media users or bloggers. Influencers typically have a huge, engaged following that brands may use to gain credibility and potentially drive sales.

10 Marketing Strategies for Your Product Launch 🚀

How do you plan a B2B product launch?

  • Develop a plan. It sounds simple enough but it's surprising how often businesses take shortcuts or ignore components
  • Define personas
  • Create messaging
  • Build buzz
  • See how it works
  • Tell the world
  • Create content
  • Measure success and follow-up

What are the 7 marketing tips in launching new products?

  • Study your competition
  • Target the ideal customer
  • Create a unique value proposition
  • Define your marketing strategy and tactics
  • Test your concept and marketing approach
  • Roll out your campaign
  • Know your product's lifecycle

How do you hype for launching a new product?

  • Put the Focus on the People, Not the Product
  • Get Opinion Leaders On-Board Early
  • Be Revolutionary
  • Turn Your Product Launch into an Event
  • Take Pre-Orders
  • Release a Product Your Customers Will Want to Show off
  • Draw out the Suspense for As Long As You Can

What Is An Influencer In B2B?

A B2B influencer is someone in your field who possesses a high level of authority and authenticity, as well as a particular outstanding level of experience. It's nice if a movie or television star likes your product and promotes it on social media, but it's not especially relevant to your customers.

Does Influencers Work For B2B Marketing?

According to social media experts, 94 percent of B2B marketers who have attempted influencer marketing believe it is extremely beneficial. Influencer marketing has been employed by 67% of marketers to promote content. B2B influencer marketing was predicted to expand by 31% this year.

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