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Why Media Training?

Today’s media environment is even more immediate with the emergence of social media and citizen media interview journalism, enabling individuals to report on your brand online before the buzz even hits the traditional media. You can’t be prepared enough.

This intimate, 1-day interactive workshop taught by senior public relations professionals provides insights, tips, hands-on exercises and on-camera mock interviews to prepare you for all types of media interviews. The training includes practicing various interview scenarios, from face-to-face to phone to TV to digital.

Being effective with the way you handle yourself in an interview does not come naturally. It takes skill, knowledge and preparation to represent yourself and your company in the best possible light.

The PRos Media Training Workshop

The PRos Media Training Workshop

The PRos Media Training workshop provides a solid understanding of how the media works and equips you with practical tools so you feel relaxed,confident, and most importantly, in control of an interview. The result: You deliver your message effectively.