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5 Big B2B Content Marketing Mistakes You Have To Avoid

B2B content marketing mistakes - Are you getting the return on your B2B marketing strategy that you deserve? What blunders could be standing in the way of your efforts yielding spectacular results? Find out what has to be changed, then sit back and watch your results skyrocket!

B2B Content Marketing That Isn't Personalized Enough

B2b content marketing mistakes unpersonalized content
B2b content marketing mistakes unpersonalized content

Personalization is frequently said to be what makes a sale. In fact, in the B2B world, too much personalisation can sabotage your efforts. Why?

You may have known who to address within a corporation in the past. Regrettably, this is no longer true. According to a recent study, the average number of people involved in today's B2B buying decisions is 5.4.

There can be some very distinct priorities at play when there are so many people participating in the decision-making process, including marketing, financial, and IT. By tailoring your content marketing to the needs of just one department, you're effectively neglecting the company's other key decision-makers.

Your marketing should aim to reconcile these divides and bring your customers together. You'll need a well-thought-out strategy that addresses the concerns of everyone engaged in the decision to buy your goods or service. Here are three key elements to include in your strategy:

  • Concentrate on finding common ground among stakeholders. Choose content subjects that will appeal to the bulk of people.
  • Reduce perceived risk while increasing perceived benefits.
  • Make sure you have the right tools to explain the value of your product or service.

Undervaluing The Importance Of Visual Content

It's no secret that visual content holds people's attention. Visuals can take many different shapes. Consider the use of photographs, infographics, and videos. According to studies, postings featuring an image generate 650 percent more engagement than text-only posts, which is a compelling statistic to say the least.

"Visuals are memorable and effective, because they help people process, understand, and retain more information more quickly." - Larry Kim

Visuals aid in the elicitation of emotional responses that pique our interest. Don't rest on your laurels if you've been using graphics in your marketing for a while.

Visual content is at an all-time high, thanks to Facebook Live and other social media video choices. Make the most of this trend by developing outstanding video content that will draw in viewers.

There are a number of fantastic tools available to assist you in your endeavor, some of which are even free. You can make stunning visuals for each post with Canva and Picmonkey. You can use YouTube Editor or Animoto to create professional-looking videos for your content marketing.

Too Much Shameless Self Promotion

B2b content marketing mistakes self promotion
B2b content marketing mistakes self promotion

According to conventional marketing expertise, marketing entails disseminating information about our organization and product. After all, why wouldn't businesses want to know they can buy from the finest in the industry us? However, recent research has revealed that this is not always the case. Consider the following axiom: A businessperson must first recognize the need for a solution before deciding which option to pursue.

Instead of focusing on what your audience should be doing (i.e., selecting your product or service), focus on their problems. You could even be able to demonstrate how a prospect's present behavior is affecting their performance. After that, you'll be able to more successfully present your company's solution and be heard.

Ignoring Important Metrics

It's critical to see how potential buyers are reacting to your marketing content right away. What is it that works? What are the flops?

Add a testing phase to your content creation process to assure this. You should ask yourself the following questions about your material during this phase:

When should you schedule your content? What are the optimal days and times to do so?

  • Which CTAs are the most effective?
  • What is the most popular headline?
  • What is the most engaging content?
  • Which graphics attract the greatest attention?
  • Which email campaign is the most effective?

"Metrics...help the marketing and sales teams work collaboratively to create campaigns that positively affect the bottom line." - Kelsey Jones

Hubspot, BuzzSumo, Bitly, and Google Analytics are just a few of the tools that can assist you make sure your content is engaging (for a more comprehensive list of tools, check out this post) Always A/B test your content to find which version performs the best. You could be pleasantly surprised.

Allowing Your Customer To Track Progress Is A Big No-no

It's in our nature to desire to progress and see what we've accomplished. That's why every treadmill shows you how far you've run and how many calories you've burned. Customers will be more engaged throughout the sales process if they believe you are addressing their wants and helping them achieve their objectives.

Begin by outlining the complete sales process from beginning to end, as well as the questions and concerns your customer is likely to have at each stage. Then, addressing only one problem at a time, produce material that specifically addresses each query or concern.

Your content may raise your consumers' morale and help them reach the finish line with a grin, just like those glowing dots on a treadmill can help a runner picture the finish line.

Now that you know what to stay away from, it's time to go to work turning your content marketing into a lead-generating machine.

What Is B2B Content Strategy?

B2B content marketing is a strategy for producing, sharing, and promoting content for a business audience. The objective is to leverage content to raise brand awareness and attract new customers.

What Makes Great B2B Content?

A B2B content marketing plan is intended to bring you in front of your ideal customers and solve their problems, causing them to want to learn more about your company. Your content should elicit a sense of reciprocity in your audience, making them desire to conduct business with you rather than your competition.

What Is B2B Content Creation?

B2B content production refers to the process of creating compelling content to generate prospects and nurture them through the sales funnel. When done correctly, your company's content assets will drive more visitors to your website, increase brand awareness, and answer client inquiries at every stage of their journey.

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Keith Peterson - I'm an expert IT marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in various Digital Marketing channels such as SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMO (social media optimization), ORM (online reputation management), PPC (Google Adwords, Bing Adwords), Lead Generation, Adwords campaign management, Blogging (Corporate and Personal), and so on. Web development and design are unquestionably another of my passions. In fast-paced, high-pressure environments, I excel as an SEO Executive, SEO Analyst, SR SEO Analyst, team leader, and digital marketing strategist, efficiently managing multiple projects, prioritizing and meeting tight deadlines, analyzing and solving problems.

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