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ASO Audit - Have The Best App Store Out There

With millions of apps available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Software Store, your app is likely to face stiff competition. Your app might be the finest on the market, but it won't succeed unless people download it. And in order for users to download your app, they must first see it. This is when ASO (App Store Optimization) comes into play. You can ensure that your app's visibility is maintained or increased by completing an ASO Audit.

Keith Peterson
Keith Peterson
Oct 13, 202244 Shares1.4K Views
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  1. Why Do You Need An ASO Audit
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  3. 6 Steps Of ASO Audit
  4. Master The Long Description
  5. Manage Your Reviews And Ratings
  6. Optimize Your Screenshots
  7. Check Back And Re-Optimize
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ASO Audit- To be successful in the mobile development businessnowadays, you don't have to produce anything unique and completely new.

It is more crucial to be strategic in your approaches to increasing your conversion rate.

When it comes to mobile applications and games, an ASO (App Store Optimization) audit is a fantastic answer.

It is useful for analyzing your app indications, your rivals' applications, what keywords work, who receive more favorable reviews, and so on.

Conducting an ASO audit might also motivate those who appear to have exhausted all options.

App Store Optimization is a continual process that requires frequent updating to achieve long-term success due to ever-changing algorithms.

It is critical to regularly evaluate your ASO factors, and our guide to getting started with your own audit may have you sailing down the route to app store dominance in no time.

There are several organic avenues you can utilize to bring visitors to your app and enhance exposure.

However, your app store presence is the most important factor.

When done effectively, App Store Optimization allows you to attract a large number of high-intent consumers and make your app accessible among the millions of apps already available.

Why Do You Need An ASO Audit

A hand clicking App store on iOS
A hand clicking App store on iOS

An ASO (App Store Optimization) audit evaluates the quality of your app optimization.

It lets you learn how well your app is optimized and what your ASO's strengths and shortcomings are.

An expert will examine your data and advise you on what needs to be altered and what to look for.

A promotion plan is built on an ASO audit. You'll learn a lot about how toeffectively attract new users and achieve a breakthrough in the app's growth.

Optimize To Improve Your Organic Funnel

Users actively input search phrases into the shops to discover and install certain sorts of applications.

This implies they are more invested in discovering an app to use than consumers who learn about it through recommendation lists, category rankings, or other methods.

Not only are these users more actively involved in seeking certain sorts of applications, but the search is the route through which the majority of apps are discovered.

Search results account for over 70% of app discovery, making it a critical channel for user acquisition.

Developers that want to grow their total user base and attract high-quality consumers must guarantee that their organic search visibility and conversion factors are good.

Developers can guarantee they are bringing in the best possible users for their app by enhancing the organic funnel.

6 Steps Of ASO Audit

3 animated people working on something in a large screen smartphone
3 animated people working on something in a large screen smartphone

Optimize your app's title, subtitle, and description with keywords.

Conduct research to determine which keywords can help you rank better and which terms your rivals are using.

Graphics optimization: Determine whether there is anything you can update or better in your visual assets, such as an app icon, images, or promotional banners, in order to attract more people.

Click-to-install conversion rate: Contrast your existing ASO KPIs, user acquisition methods, and conversion rates with the market and app category averages.

Monitoring ratings and reviews:Examine your ratings and reviews, featured reviews, and your rivals' app reviews to learn how to enhance them.

Uninstall rates (also known as user churn): It's critical to understand how and why your users removed the program, as well as what measures may be made in these situations.

Make suggestions about how to persuade them to reinstall it.

Final report:Summarize all that has been done, what KPIs need to be enhanced after each phase of ASO, and where more traffic may be obtained.

This stage allows you to view the big picture and get started on your ASO approach.

Master The Long Description

Now that your app is exposed to the relevant people, you must persuade them to download it.

It is critical that your lengthy description attracts consumers since it plays a significant impact in increasing conversion rates.

The long description in the Google Play Store is also searchable, so include some of your critical keywords.

We may use the Keyword Optimization tool to assess long descriptions and compare them to our rivals.

The main purpose of a description is to bring attention to the app's core value propositions, thus explaining to the reader what your app is about, what makes it distinctive, and why consumers should download it.

Aim for readability and ensure that your explanation is understandable to a broad audience.

In the Google Play Store, you may experiment with different formatting strategies like bullet points and bold headers.

If you're not sure what will work best, A/B testing (available only on the Google Play Store) is your best buddy.

Experiment to find out what attracts users the most.

Manage Your Reviews And Ratings

Robots holding review and ratings on phone
Robots holding review and ratings on phone

Positive reviews and ratings are critical to the algorithm and the app's ranks, thus a review and rating management plan is essential.

Better reviews can help your app be regarded as more relevant, which helps drive up the ranks.

You may utilize the Most Mentioned Keyword Analysis option in the Reviews feature to quickly receive a glimpse of any app's reviews and get a sense of the users' thoughts and opinions.

Furthermore, the majority of users read at least one review before downloading an app, therefore it's critical to respond to reviews to show that you value their opinions and suggestions.

Optimize Your Screenshots

Creative materials are critical to the success of your app.

It may be the first impression a user sees of your app, therefore you must ensure that you are optimizing your creative materials correctly.

The key to designing screenshots is to represent the user experience.

The usage of vertical or horizontal screenshots will be determined by how your users will interact with the program.

It is also critical to ensure that the flow of the screenshots assists you in telling a tale and attracting the user's attention.

Another critical requirement is to ensure that your app icon and screenshots are consistent.

The app icon is one of the first things that visitors see while scrolling through search results, therefore it must catch their attention.

When it comes to icon design, less is more. A/B testing (Google Play Store only) with different colors and designs will help you determine what appeals to customers the most and modify it appropriately.

Check Back And Re-Optimize

Unfortunately, App Store Optimization is not a technique that can be "set and forget."

The algorithms are always evolving, as are the methods of your rivals.

To achieve long-term success, regard ASO as a continuous process that requires continual monitoring and testing.

That is why you should do ASO Audits on a regular basis to ensure that everything is running well.

With App Upgrade Timeline, you can keep track of any changes your rivals make and see if the update has helped them improve their rankings.

You can also set up a Custom Alert to be notified anytime one of your favorite applications is updated.

When doing an ASO audit, there are other procedures to consider, such as localization.

You must modify your software to appeal to people who speak different languages and come from diverse cultures.

Using the Localization function of an App Store Optimization tool like MobileAction, you can examine how your competitors are localizing their products.

Phone in an app store with icon, title, downloads, description, explanatory videos, and reviews
Phone in an app store with icon, title, downloads, description, explanatory videos, and reviews

People Also Ask

What Is An ASO Audit?

When it comes to mobile applications and games, an ASO (App Store Optimization) audit is a fantastic answer.

It is useful for analyzing your app indications, your rivals' applications, what keywords work, who receive more favorable reviews, and so on.

Conducting an ASO audit might also motivate those who appear to have exhausted all options.

What Is ASO Strategy?

ASO (App Store Optimization) marketing strategy is an important method for enhancing a mobile app's organic visibility on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Users that found their way to the app stores through organic search often had the highest level of engagement.

Proper App Store Optimization marketing necessitates a unified funnel integrating optimized metadata and creative materials developed with correct data sets in order to effectively acquire consumers.

What Is ASO And Why Is It Important?

App Store Optimization (ASO) refers to the practice of raising an app's exposure in app stores in order to increase organic app downloads.

Apps become more visible when they rank high on a wide range of search phrases, remain at the top of the rankings, or are highlighted on the store.


App Store Optimization is a continuous effort and critical to mobile success due to both the shifting ranking of app store algorithms and the industry's competitive landscape.

These methods have shown time and again to be the ideal places to start in order to enhance your ASO audit, having helped numerous apps raise their CVR, downloads, and app store ranks.

By concentrating on the organic search funnel as part of their ASO marketing plan, mobile applications may attract the best quality of users.

To increase conversions across all channels, optimize this funnel by targeting relevant, high-volume keywords based on mobile search data and building an app listing.

App developers may target and convert people that are interested in their unique sort of app using an optimized organic funnel.

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